Thursday, September 29, 2022


Got a campsite reservation? Don’t be so sure during the Pandemic

Reader Roger Harker sent us this earlier in the week. He wrote:

“We ran into an interesting problem with a reservation. We reserve a particular site in a park every summer here in western Nevada. I called about a month ago to make sure all was in order. I was told that the site would not be available. The people who had been occupying it decided to stay on. The manager said that due to COVID-19 and Nevada’s emergency housing rental rules they could not require them to vacate the site. We ended up canceling the trip.”

We wonder if this is happening elsewhere. Have you experienced or heard of something similar to this? If so, please leave a comment.

Things they are a-changin’.  —Chuck

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2 years ago

I am disappointed too in my camping reservations for the State of Washington. We had 3 separate trips cancelled and the money returned, but on one trip on Washington shore we noticed the Camp Full sign when arriving, yet when we were set up there were numerous sites (most popular sites) were vacant and yet no one is for 3 or more days. Then there was someone for 3 days when we left. Inconsistent with the full sign. But I must say most adults or couples were good at social distancing. While others were full fledged into parties and groups drinking,(alcohol) a loud, So as long as we stayed near our campsite it was good. We were in danger when we left our campsite,,,sad. No masks except by personnel who worked there

2 years ago

I haven’t been pre-empted by emergency workers, but I have had 2/3 of my reservations outright cancelled due to inept state leadership, and those that “held,” I’ve noted that every other site in a state park already 150′ between trailers are unoccupied.

One remaining reservation, I cancelled after we were notified that “Beaches and all buildings including bathhouses will be shut down. Guests are not allowed to leave their RVs, except to walk pets within 5 feet. We look forward to seeing you!” No thanks; I can stay in a box in my driveway.

2 years ago

The campground should have called to let him know his reservation was canceled. Poor customer service!

Daniel Pankiewicz
2 years ago

Roger didn’t say if he was offered another available site. I suspect he was, common CG adjustment instead of moving current occupant for Roger’s shorter vacation

j Beaumont
2 years ago

We just came back from our first 2 month long RV trip this summer. We’ve had this planned for 9 months with most reservations made back in January. We had no problem with places cancelling. We are from California and went through 10 different states within those 2 months. We had a glorious time staying away from others and taking a break from the news.

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