Thursday, October 29, 2020
letter to the editor

Is Lazydays RV getting too big for its britches?

Dear editor: We really look forward to your stories and updates every day. We saw in our current issue of RV Living magazine that Lazydays...
letter to the editor

Reader letter: I want to learn about how to build a campground

Dear editor, A topic I would be interested in learning more about is building NEW campgrounds. Almost daily someone on the RV forums posts that...
letter to the editor

Reader Letter: What does “full-time RVer” mean?

Dear Chuck, Is there a definition of a "full time" RVer? The reason I ask is that I have noticed the term being used many...
letter to the editor

Reader letter: Worried about crowded campgrounds this summer

Dear editor: We are full timers and have read your discouraging article about crowded campgrounds. My wife is so concerned about summer availability, with occasional...

Reader letter: So many fumbling newbies. Where will we all stay?

Dear Chuck, My partner and I have just returned home to Arizona, after an 8-day trip. We couldn't sit at home another day, so off...
letter to the editor

Got a campsite reservation? Don’t be so sure during the Pandemic

Reader Roger Harker sent us this earlier in the week. He wrote: "We ran into an interesting problem with a reservation. We reserve a particular...

Reader letter: “Few wearing masks” and lots of newbie RVers

From reader Ron Hale: My partner and I have just returned home to Arizona after an 8-day trip. I just couldn't sit at home another...
letter to the editor

Interracial RVing couple the target of white RVer’s anger

Dear Chuck Woodbury, I have been reading your newsletter(s) for probably a year now and even submitted our idea for our dream trip that was...

Readers reveal changes in their lives during coronavirus

Edited by Russ and Tiña De Maris Earlier this month, Editor Chuck reflected on how he and Gail had been trying to do “new” things...
Horror Stories thumb

An RV rental horror story: “I was ripped off by an RV rental scam!”

This comment was left on our Daily Tips Newsletter by Brian Burry. Here's Brian's story: Before my wife would consider us purchasing an RV, she...

Dear friends say goodbye to Gary Bunzer

By Mark Zepp My wife, Amber, got the text message we had been fearing on April 17 at 9:50 p.m. Our dear friend had lost...

RV Life in a Coronavirus World: “My RV taught me how to self-isolate”

CAVEAT: Comments, posts and/or tips in our newsletters are those of the authors and may not reflect the views of RVtravel.com or its staff. EDITOR’S NOTE:...

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