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Fabulous fiberglass Escape trailers, the E21C vs. E21NE

If you are thinking about a fiberglass trailer, the video below from Escape is a good one to watch. In it, they compare and contrast two popular Escape fiberglass trailers, the E21C and the E21NE.

Both of these fiberglass trailers are 21 feet in length, although they have slightly different features and floor plans.

Karl and Samuel, both Escape employees, are of differing opinions on which is “better.” They break it down and compare why they came to their conclusions.

In reality, when it comes to quality and features, these two fabulous fiberglass trailers are more or less equal, so it will ultimately come down to the RVing style and needs of the person buying it, which is why this video is so handy. You can check out both models without ever having to leave home.

Karl’s favorite is the 21C, or classic trailer. He says it is the best fit for full-timers or people who spend a lot of time in their RVs. What classic features does Karl like so much?

  • The Escape 21C has a corner north/south bed
  • The 21C has the longest bathroom of any of the Escape trailers
  • Large kitchen space with a flip-up countertop extender
  • Large flush mount three-burner stove with oven. I love the design on this as the stove area can be countertop space when not in use.
  • Huge amount of storage

Samuel prefers the 21NE and argues that this is the company’s best model. Why?

  • The front of the trailer features a HUGE U-shaped dinette that seats six and is perfect for larger dinners or game-playing with the family
  • Large amount of storage under that huge dinette
  • Large swivel table in the dinette section
  • Central wet bath
  • Large rear bed

Once they toured the two trailers, Karl and Samuel scored them point by point on which has better features. Spoiler alert, it comes out a draw and what is “better” will change depending on the needs of the person using it.

For instance, they scored the 21C higher on the bed because the bed orients north/south. If that’s not really important to you, it might not be a big selling point and you might prefer the larger bed that comes in the 21NE.

So, watch the video and decide which one might be better for you.

I love these trailers and am seriously considering one for my next RV. Both these models are terrific and even though I have watched the video a bunch of times, I am still having a hard time choosing which one I like best.

What do you think? Watch the video and please leave your comments below.


Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard is the author 8 published books on topics as diverse as US Citizenship to Cannabis Cooking. Cheri grew up in a circus family and has been RVing on and off her entire life.


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1 month ago

I’ve been drooling over the 21C for years–when it was the one and only and just called a 21′. I still think it could be the perfect trailer for us. For the person who wants one a little bigger, there is a 23′ on the horizon–or maybe it has just arrived.

Donald N Wright
1 month ago

Lot’s of wonderful trailers are designed for hobbits and average sized people. One day I will have the counter in my Airstream trailer replaced for one less trendy.

1 month ago

I noticed how the first guy maneuvered around the air conditioner without smashing his head into it…he was artfully dancing around the unit. As a taller guy @ 6ft 4″, I would be in trouble with that air conditioner and the “huge” bed that he was laying upon with his feet hanging off the end. This was a very important exercise for me when choosing our current trailer

martin a
1 month ago

Neither plan would work well for me, I have a knee that is frozen in one position, getting up from the dinette in either plan would be difficult with the limited space, same for the bath room. Crawling into and out of the bed would be difficult as well.
What does work for us is a walk around front queen bed Bigfoot.

Last edited 1 month ago by martin a
Chris Zimmerer
1 month ago

Bigfoot 21 is much larger

Bob p
1 month ago

Neither one is suitable for a week of rainy weather, I would start feeling claustrophobic after being trapped inside for two days. Both are quality units and I’ve seen very few complaints about them. If they’d make them about 4’ longer and get rid of the wet bath I could be very interested.

1 month ago

Over at Oliver Trailers in TN.

1 month ago

Where is a twin bed model? Mother Nature is cruel as we age.

Cheri Sicard
1 month ago
Reply to  tom

It was not shown, but they do make a twin bed model.

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
1 month ago
Reply to  tom

Snoozy2 makes a twin bed model also. If you are interested in the fiberglass rvs I suggest you swing over to and educate yourself about them. Can’t remember exactly how many manufacturers there are but I’m guessing 15 to 20. The biggest selling point for me is their light weight.

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