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Editor’s Roadside Journal, Oct. 25, 2016



rsj-logoIt’s 9:45 a.m. in the Deerwood RV Park near Eugene, Oregon. Gail and I are eating oatmeal. Next door, a man and woman in a rented Cruise America motorhome are unhooking their utilities, preparing to leave.

germs-766A few minutes ago, I was telling Gail that I needed to talk with some RV renters, to get an idea of how much they know about using their rented vehicles. As I was saying that, the man next door pulled his RV’s sewer hose out of its disposal drain and laid it down on the grass. And then he grabbed the nearby white fresh water drinking hose and jammed it inside the sewer hose, wiggling it around to rinse out whatever was still inside. So much for knowing very much! Would you want to drink water from that hose? Not me!

What do you bet that when he hooks up again this evening, he’ll attach that same water hose to his fresh water inlet? I’m just guessing, but I bet he and his companion will drink that water unfiltered right from the faucet. Germs, anyone?


mermaids-766Mermaids in a Florence, Oregon gift shop.

Sick bird?

bird-766This fellow was sitting alone on a lonely stretch of beach south of Florence. He looked sick. I walked slowly toward him, but knew that I was not supposed to disturb the bird life. He looked toward me but did not get up.

I took this photo with my telephoto lens from a distance away. I think this is a Clark’s Grebe, but I’m not sure (do you know?). After awhile, the bird tried to get up, but fell back down. Later he did get up, flapped his wings frantically and ran to surf. His feathers were all wet and there appeared to be very few. Maybe that’s because they were wet. 

There was nobody around to ask if the bird was healthy or not. But Mother Nature has her plan, so I left. But I felt sad for the little fellow.

Gail observes the bird. She wanted to adopt it.

No Mama or Baby Burger

aw-766There’s an old fashioned A&W Root Beer stand in Florence, the kind where you drive up and get served in your car. As we passed by Gail and I confessed our mutual love for root beer floats, especially those from A&W. So we pulled a U-turn and drove up in our little Honda.

papa-766The floats were delicious, as good as ever, served in a frosty mug. Oh, I remember savoring this wonderful concoction on 100 degree summer days in Sacramento at one of the first A&Ws.

I have not been to an A&W Root Beer Stand in at least 20 years. The last I remembered, burgers came in three sizes: Papa Burgers, Mama Burgers and Baby Burgers. Well, I am sad to report that Mama and Baby Burgers are gone, at least from here in Florence. But you can still buy a Papa Burger for $5.05. But I was filled with shrimp from lunch at Mo’s, where the seafood is famous. So no room for a Papa Burger.


The Port of Siuslaw Campground right along the water in historic Florence would be a nice place to stay. The daily rate is about $29 to $35 a night depending on hookups and location (waterfront is more). But you can stay a week in a full-hookup site for $186 in prime season or $174 off season. The campground is a short walk from shops and restaurants, including Mo’s which has been on the wharf since the mid ’70s and is famous for its chowder and other seafood. Just off U.S. 101, a couple of miles east on state route 126, you can stay for up to four days for free in your RV in a big parking lot at the Three Rivers Casino. It would easy to pull in and out with a long RV.

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Karin Kirchhoff
6 years ago

Western Grebes have the black below the eye. In the Clark’s Grebe the black does not come below the eye–way to remember: “Clark Kent wears no mask”. That helps me.
Also if the bird is further away, the Clark’s Grebe has more white in the front and at the water line.
Not sure if the bird was sick or not.

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