Thursday, August 11, 2022


New roadside super fuel stops mean cheap(er) gas and a good rest for RVers

Make room at the table for the new kid. Wally’s is in town! This new roadside super fuel stop is up and running in Fenton, Missouri. Billing itself as the “Home of the Great American Road Trip,” Wally’s really lives up to its name. Wally’s offers more than 70 fuel pumps, each one featuring both gasoline and diesel. The newly opened super-station in Fenton, Missouri, also has five current electric charging stations with plans for 20 more!

Bring your RV to Wally’s!

Much like Buc-ees, Wally’s fuel stops are not designed for over-the-road truckers. But don’t worry, your RV is welcome! And so is everyone else traveling with you. Wally’s does its best to make your fuel stop a family-friendly experience. From the sparkling clean restrooms to the beef jerky bar to the kitschy and not-so-kitschy souvenirs, you really can find something for everyone!

Two and counting

So far, there are two Wally’s fuel stops in the U.S.—the newest store in Fenton, and the first location in Pontiac, Illinois. Wally’s president, Michael Rubenstein, and co-founder, Chad Wallace, have plans to build several more Wally’s in the future. That’s good news for RVers like you and me because Wally’s fuel prices are very competitive and their people are very friendly, too!

More Wally’s ahead?

As more and more folks get out on the highways, can we expect to see more super-sized fuel stops? It certainly seems likely to me. The competition should help out consumers as all of the fuel stops vie for our hard-earned dollars.

Good news!

There’s good news for this Fourth of July holiday! If you’ll be traveling in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, or North Carolina, you’ll want to plan your fuel stops at one of the 650 Sheetz fuel centers. From now until July 4, this popular fuel station is lowering its fuel rate to $3.99 a gallon for Unleaded 88. (This fuel has been approved by the EPA for use in vehicles 2001 and newer along with light-duty trucks, SUVs, and flex-fuel vehicles.) Sheetz will also lower prices to just $3.49 a gallon for E85 fuel. (E85 is specifically made for flexible fuel vehicles. However, because it contains more ethanol, it is not compatible with all vehicles.) Wow! Fuel for under $4.00 per gallon! That is good news!



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1 month ago

There’s a reason Wally’s doesn’t advertise their gas prices. They’re expensive.
Wally’s has potential, but at the moment, it’s a copycat of Buc-ee’s, and a lousy one at that. Prices are outrageous across the board. Their BBQ is bland and the sandwich buns are cold. Small portions, too. Two oven roasted cuts of brisket on a cold bun? One sandwich from Buc-ee’s and you were good to go.
It’s an attempt at riding the coattails of Buc-ee’s success without realizing you need a good product first and foremost. Wally’s instead attempted to be an expensive tourist stop, except they build it in Fenton and it’s a gas station, not Disneyland.
It’s ineptitude across the board. I do hope they fold soon and Buc-ee’s can take over the location. Now that would be a stellar addition to the area.

1 month ago

We always stop at Wally’s in Pontiac, IL on our way south. Plenty of room for RV’s, tons of parking. Competitive pricing on gas.
I would have loved to be the concrete contractor who landed the Wally’s contract. There’s more concrete there than most airports!

T Edwards
1 month ago

I use gas buddy and mudflap to locate and buy my diesel. Right now I could buy 30 gallons at $0.17 less per gallon at a local competing Phillips 66 than the Fenton, MO Wally’s. Here in northern NY I can buy it for $1/gallon less using Mudflap than stopping at the Pilot. For me that’s $30 savings per fill up. Bigger volume does not always equate to cheaper.

1 month ago
Reply to  T Edwards

And Phillips 66 is a Top Tier gas. Wally’s and Buccee’s, are not. No thanks, last resort only.

1 month ago

Do these Walley’s stations have RV fuel lanes like Buc-EE’s & some Flying J’s? We have class A gas towing Jeep. Can not fuel at new gas stations, no room to maneuver. Buc-EE’s is the best for RV’s, gas or diesel. The FL Buc-EE’s on I 10 is great.

1 month ago
Reply to  Ron

No specific RV Lanes at Pontiac Illinois Wally’s. However we have fueled our class A with a tow vehicle two times with no problem when traveling that way. There is way more than enough room!! The price also beats anything around here.

John Harris
1 month ago

I live 15 minutes from the Fenton, Missouri location of Wally’s. It’s a tight fit for class A’s, Super C’s, 5’ers and long travel trailers.
I asked the fuel desk about my 5’er, (51.5 ft total bumper to bumper length), they said come on in and block as many pumps as you need.
I did not want to risk getting stuck maneuvering around all the non RV vehicle traffic.
Other than that, it’s a nice huge store, but they could use places to sit. (If you buy food inside, you will be eating in your vehicle, rig or standing up.)

1 month ago
Reply to  John Harris

Thanks for the reality check. It sounds like all the usual new stations, put in as many pumps facing the building as they can, never mind leaving room for manuevering. No thanks, normal gas stations are better.

And as far as Sheetz, I stopped in one last week. Strange selection of food/snacks in the store, more than half of them with no prices; and when you check out you see what they are hiding. What’s the point of saving a few cents on gas if they are surreptitiously gouging you on your other purchases?

1 month ago

U88 is 15% or higher ethanol. Count on poor running and much lower gas mileage. It will only take one lesson for that to sink in.
Every vehicle that we own has warning about anything other than E10 in the gas system.
Nice that we are converting 40% of the corn crop into ethanol. The World is facing a major food problem.

Bob M
1 month ago
Reply to  Tom

We are facing a major food shortage because of the war in Ukraine. The Russians are not letting ships transport grain from Ukraine’s grain storage facilities.

Larry Lee
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob M

Blame it on the Russians all you want to, but we still have a coming food shortage to solve regardless of who is to blame. So maybe it is time to stop turning corn into ethanol since that concept has been shown NOT to save energy or actually be beneficial in any way. Let us eat the corn as food and thereby aleviate at least some of the hunger coming our way soon.

Bob Harker
1 month ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

Absolutely! People forget what happened to food prices when E10 was introduced,AND mileage drops quite a bit.

1 month ago
Reply to  Tom

Don’t trust the E10 to be 10% or less. My Expedition is E85 capable, and has a % ethanol sensor that can be displayed on a OBD2 reader. After a E10 fill up at a small town station, it jumped from 9.8% to 17+% and settled at 15.4% once mixed in the tank. Next fill up at a Murphy’s, initially it jumped to over 25% and settled in the 17+% range. It’s finally getting closer to 10% again.

Bob p
1 month ago

E85 also has less BTUs and you’ll get 25% less mpg’s, they don’t advertise that, people that don’t keep track of their fuel economy think they are getting a good deal but if you can only go 3/4 the distance you’re not saving anything. You are helping the farmer who grows the corn that the alcohol is made from. Just not yourself!

Ron T.
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob p

Look at it this way. Either way you’re paying the oil company, but in one instance you’re also supporting corn farmers. The ethanol is renewable, the oil is too, but only if you’ve got a few million years to wait around for it.

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