Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Bicycle modification helps mobility-challenged couples

By Chuck Woodbury
A reader sent me this photo. All is I know is what you see on the photo, including that the photo was taken in Australia.

How wonderful! This would be a great way for two people of widely different physical abilities to explore the outdoors. It’s along the same principle as a “bicycle built for two,” where two cyclists of unequal physical ability can ride together, always at the same speed. One cyclist may be a strong cyclist, the other weak. But because they are aboard the same bicycle, they are always together. On separate bikes, one would sometimes need to wait around for the other to catch up.

I can’t tell if the bike has multiple gears. That would be very important in many areas where the land was hilly.

Do you know of any home-built gadgets or modifications to existing products that offer special benefits? If so, please leave a comment or send info to chuck (at) RVtravel.com. We might want to share the idea with readers.



    • This sort of bicycle (two wheel) has existed for a long time, with the person in front (the stoker) seated and the person behind (captain) upright. (I may have the titles reversed.)

  1. Looking at an enlarged version of the main photo, it looks like there is a cable going down the downtube, leading towards the rear hub. Rear hub is close to what I remember 3 speed internal hubs size was.
    I agree, electric would be great in this bike design.
    How long before the bike makers copy it?

  2. I have seen other bicycles for nursing homes or taxi service.. A couple sits in front with the bicyclist in back. The cyclist gives 30 to 60 minute rides to the residents.

  3. Great idea, though the steering looks like it might be a little tricky, with 2 wheels to turn & the wheels extended out far from the handlebar. Turning a corner would probably be a much different experience than turning a regular bike.

  4. This would be perfect for my wife with Alzheimer’s. She can no longer ride a bike but loves the outdoors, still. We recently found “Caroline’s Cart” at our local grocery. It was designed by a woman for her disabled adult daughter. Similar seat attached to the rear of a shopping cart, facing the person pushing. It has become a Godsend for us. I can push the cart, chat with my wife, and she can help make selections. What was a challenge before is a pleasant outing now.


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