Saturday, November 26, 2022


Most RVers report this rodent repellent works

By Bob Difley
Keeping mice out of rigs is a constant challenge to many RVers. Since we camp out in the wilder areas where wildlife is always present, and mice just love the dark confines of our rig’s hidden places, many methods have been used to keep these rodents out —or get rid of them once they gain entrance (through a spot we obviously missed when sealing all suspected entry points).

Fresh Cab is the only plant-based rodent repellent registered for inside use by the Federal EPA and with a 100-day guarantee to work. If you have been disappointed by electronic pest repellers, are sick of the smell from poisons or tired of baiting traps that don’t catch the critters, try Fresh Cab.

Fresh Cab has been used by farmers, truckers, RVers and homeowners to provide lasting protection against the most challenging mouse and rat infestations. It supposedly repels rodents for up to 100 days with a “woodsy” scent that you’ll find refreshing, but they’ll find extremely offensive. editor Chuck Woodbury reported that the smell did not linger after he used Fresh Cab for three months while his RV was stored in a ranch warehouse.

It’s safe around kids and pets, hence there is no safety warning on the packaging. It is also environmentally friendly and 98 percent biodegradable. The company says that nine out of ten Fresh Cab users come back for more, and it has been tested and endorsed by the Good Sam Club, National Home and Garden Club, independent labs, and farmers nationwide.


  • Effectively repels rodents for up to three months
  • Safe around children, pets and wildlife
  • Easier to use than traps, bait stations and glue boards
  • No dead rodents to find and dispose of
  • More effective and less dangerous than poisonous options
  • Keeps rodents far away instead of killing them
  • EPA registered – All natural, biodegradable, “Green” product

For RVs, use 3 pouches for up to 30 ft. Place near water tank, drains and cushions. You’ll find a four-pouch pack at Amazon for about $18.


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Gene Cheatham
3 years ago

Fresh Cab is GREAT and, if I recall, is guaranteed to work. Grab it quick when you find it; in our area near St Louis this time of year the stuff flies off the shelf. I know other RV ers and antique vehicle owners that use it with good success.

Rolf Taylor
3 years ago

The key to all rodent repellents is to use them *before* you have an infestation. As soon as the days start getting shorter put them out and then be sure to replenish at least once over the winter. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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