Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Another unsanitary RV park utility hookup

A reader named Irv sent this photo of the water and sewer hookups at the campground attached to the Exhibition Coal Mine in Beckley, West Virginia.

“This is a worse example than your article on water/sewer hookups,” he said.

“I let the water run for 10 minutes, then wiped the faucet with bleach before hooking up the water. I didn’t hook up the sewer until we were leaving. I unhooked the water first and put my hoses away. It’s not obvious in the photos but the water spigot is angled so as to force the hose towards the sewer connection.”

Do you have an example of an unsanitary hookup at an RV park where you’ve stayed? Send us a photo and tell us a little bit about the situation. And please let us know the name of the park and where it’s located.


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3 years ago

Bleach isn’t the best solution for cleaning, as it doesn’t penetrate slime layers nor particles of dried sewage. I recommend Mr. Clean, Ajax or bathroom foam spray. Allowing it to stay on a while, before washing it off with copious amounts of tap water while scrubbing with a paper towel.

robert mcbride
3 years ago

These RV parks need inspections by the health department just as restaurants do IMHO. Comply or die orders should be issued.

3 years ago
Reply to  robert mcbride

I have seen others request an actual report on the number of illnesses or deaths from a RV park connection setup and not getting one. You have one? In minutes I can find online, numerous reports on resort or cruise ship outbreaks EXCLUSIVELY on fecal matters, nary one for a RV sewer hookup.
I also “hear” many stories on people getting splashed from their hookups, always laughter involved, never a funeral.

Stay cool

3 years ago

We were there last month – as I recall the hookups were at the rear of the site, and our 39 foot MH extend back over the hookup point so we wouldn’t have fit on the site if the faucet had stuck up at all. We were only there for one night, so I don’t think we used it.

3 years ago

I had to look twice. Water is on one side the sewer is on the other. While you would need to sanitize before hook-up, it looks okay, just old. Water is below grade to protect from freezing. You would need to be careful when you dump to make sure sewer hose doesn’t pop out. Municipal campground, probably no money to upgrade and keep water lines from freezing. Ugly, yes, potentially unsanitary, yes, can you live with it? yes, just sanitize before use and be careful.

3 years ago

There appears to be an alternative universe which has found earth!

3 years ago

There is NO reason that the water supply pipe could not be extended higher with the spigot pointed away from the sewer connection. At least their sewer connection is at a proper height (below grade level) versus many places that have the opening so high above the ground requiring RVer’s to “walk” the sewer line each time it is used just to empty it.

3 years ago

In our experience in campgrounds from east coast to west coast, the MAJORITY of the hook ups have been “unsanitary” based on your article and the photo above. So, good luck with this crusade!

Larry H Lee
3 years ago

I would certainly skip hooking up to that water faucet.

Bob Taylor
3 years ago

There is a sign in Walmart parking lot in Cody, Wyoming that says, “Do not dump holding tanks in parking lot”. The only reason I can think of for the sign is that some IDIOT did it. That is unsanitary.

robert mcbride
3 years ago
Reply to  Bob Taylor

Cousin Eddie must have been there once.

Bob p
3 years ago
Reply to  Bob Taylor

If you think about it, every rule, law, regulation is because somebody did that very thing.

3 years ago
Reply to  Bob Taylor

“Some idiot did it” is why things like toothpicks come with instructions now,

3 years ago

We were just there and I had the same thought. But, I was very careful with everything and other than this issue, it’s a great little RV campground on municipal property that is otherwise clean and reasonable. Great campground hosts on premises and the Exhibition Coal Mine attractions were charming and interesting.

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