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Run your generator in any weather with GenTent

By Bob Difley

Protect your generator with GenTent
Protect your generator with GenTent

If you’ve been concerned with the safety of your portable generator if accidentally left out in stormy weather or a sudden storm dumps buckets of water on it, GenTent® makes a variety of Safety Canopies — easy-to-install weatherproof covers for safe operations of portable generators in virtually any wet weather conditions.

GenTents have protected families in the hardest hit areas of Superstorm Sandy and every major U.S. storm since. GenTents are used worldwide. Nearly 200 GenTents are already in use by the National Guard CERFP teams across 32 bases covering the U.S., Puerto Rico and Hawaii.


· Help keep generator electrical outlets dry during wet weather, from any angle, including blizzard and hurricane force precipitation.

· Keep portable generator easily movable — with easy access for refueling.

· Keep generators cool naturally — unlike generator dog-houses or other full canvas enclosures, cooling air is not blocked.

· Fit over 1,000 generator makes/models to guarantee the perfect fit for any portable generator.

· Are safe to use — Independent Lab Tests have confirmed its ability to handle 70 mph winds, 18 inches of snow load and rain in excess of 12 inches per day while preserving the portable generator’s natural cooling and fresh air intake.

· Offer outdoor enthusiasts – RVers, boaters, campers, tailgaters — using 3K inverter, the GenTent XKi which expands the popular GenTent safety canopy application with mounting on any sized inverter generator or fully enclosed portable generator.

Learn more or order one to fit your generator on the GenTent website or

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