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RV Consumer Support: Readers really responded!


By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Last week we announced a new regular feature, RVTravel.com’s RV Consumer Support. It’s a function we feel all RVers need. Somewhere they can post their problems with RVs, RV products, and services. We’re helping out where we can, and we asked if you’d share your problems. Well, the readers really responded! Here’s a sampling:

Keeping your cool when your refrigerator won’t

Gary B. wrote that he was having real issues keeping his cool. It seems his Dometic refrigerator won’t start – it is enough to make you lose your cool! And when you consider that Gary had already spent $600 for parts and service on the food chiller, it should have run. And it did – for a short while. Then the problem returned, leaving someone to suggest Gary spend a little more money on yet another expensive part. We referred Gary’s problem to our RV technical support specialist, Dave Solberg. Dave analyzed the situation, and came up with some things Gary can try before pumping more money into his ice box. You can read more about it here.

The case of the non-navigating GPS

But the readers responded to our quest for issues in other areas, too. Paul S. wasn’t too happy when his new GPS unit cracked up. His Rand McNally OverDryve RV tablet uses a magnet to hold it to a base when going down the road. Writes Paul, “The tablet constantly fell off the base whenever I drove over a rough patch of road, interstates included.” We’ve all been down those roads! But the real problem? “The tablet fell off one more time, this time cracking the screen right where the icon for navigation is located. After that the unit could not be used for navigation.”

What good is a non-navigating navigator, we ask? That’s what Paul wanted to know, and he contacted Rand McNally for answers. The company wasn’t too helpful, claiming that breakage wasn’t covered under the warranty. When Paul pointed out the breakage was a direct result of a none-too-magnetic magnet, they turned him down again, saying he’d bought the unit from an unauthorized seller. We’ll be touching base with Rand McNally to see if they might not reconsider.

Dastardly dash gauges

Have you ever tried navigating your RV without your dash gauges? The readers really responded here. Well, reader Dan H. responded about his “vanishing” gauges. His Class A motorhome is an Itasca, built on a Freightliner chassis. Dan wrote us, “Recently while on a trip I lost all the analog gauges on my dashboard.” He went on to tell us he’s tried getting help from Freightliner customer service, without much success. He appealed to us: “Reading that your focus is on safety and quality control, I thought you might know of another venue to pursue without dropping $250 at Freightliner’s shop to fix a critical component.”

Once again, Dave Solberg “writes to the rescue.” After pondering over Dan’s dicey dash issues, he provided some suggestions on what Dan might do to track down the problem, and save himself some cash in the process. To find out more, follow this link.

It was just our first week, looking for a way to help our readers. And, of course, the readers really responded. We’re gratified to have your trust, and we’ll do our best to live up to it and help where we can. And we’ll keep you posted on what we can do to help.

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