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RV Doctor: OK to use hydraulic levelers when RV is stored?

Dear Gary,
I’m fairly new to RVing and I bought a 31-foot Class A motorhome that has the HWH hydraulic leveling system.

I live in Upstate, NY, and the winters are pretty fierce here. I store my motorhome in a 35-foot carport (RV port) and would like to know if when storing my rig in the winter, should I have the jacks down to take the weight off the tires or is this not good for the leveling system? It’s just not possible to move the rig in the winter to change the tire position. —Michael

Dear Michael,
It is indeed permissible to extend the HWH hydraulic levelers during any period of non-use. Another reason why I’m a fan of HWH. Just be sure to wipe down each leveler before retraction in case moisture, dirt or debris has gathered during the time it was under the carport.

It’s always commendable to remove the weight on the tires during a storage period if possible. Just don’t extend the levelers enough to raise the tires completely off the ground. Just take a little weight off them and you’ll be fine. And be sure to check the level of the fluid in the reservoir, too!

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  1. I have to say no to extending levelers,your pumping all the fluid from reservoir tank into leverlers,inviting condensaion ,as for the tires they are only good for 5-7 years so minimal best

  2. Isn’t it also true that one should not operate hydraulics when it is extremely cold outside? In other words, don’t raise or lower the rig when it has been below freezing for more than a few hours, correct? (Unless, of course, you are using special hydraulic fluid treated to remain viscous at a low temperature. I doubt most motorhomes employ such fluid.)

  3. Read your manual. My system wants the extended exposed rams wiped down with lubricant if left out for any period of time ie: a week or more.

  4. I have 4 heavy-duty jackstands I use for extended storage. I use the levelling system to raise the tires off the ground and set the stands. This also allows great access under the coach on a creeper for PM and a thorough inspection.

  5. A question for Gary Bunzer, WRT leveling jack extension for storage. I have the Bigfoot leveling system on my 32 foot C Class and had the same question as Michael above. Can I do the same with the system I have. Thanks.

    • I checked with the manufacturer and he said it was Okay to raise the coach all the way up off the ground. He warned just be careful to raise each side a little at a time.


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