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RV Doctor: Where’s the VIN on a fifth wheel?

Dear Gary,
I have been given a fifth wheel that has no title. I am in the process of obtaining that, but need to know where I can find the VIN number. An internet search has proved fruitless and those responding often tell me to look on the tongue next to the bumper hitch. Obviously, they don’t know what a fifth wheel trailer is. I’d truly appreciate your help. Thank you in advance. —Tina G.

Dear Tina,
For towable recreational vehicles, fifth wheels and conventional travel trailers, the Federal certification label with the manufacturer’s VIN is typically found on the left, roadside front corner of the coach, near the bottom of the sidewall.

In some cases, it may also be posted inside a cabinet door or even on the entry screen door. But the required spot is at that front left corner, down low on the sidewall. Above is an example from Winnebago. (Sorry it’s fuzzy, but it’ll give you an idea of what you’re looking for. Note the VIN in the bottom left corner of the label.)

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Bonita Bilyeu (@guest_175991)
1 year ago

I have a 1997 Mallard by Fleetwood fifth wheel. The outside vin tag is worn off, where else can I find the vin on the camper.

Josh Burns (@guest_171738)
1 year ago

I have a 2000 Salem forest river fifth wheel camper and I cannot find the Vin number on it it’s not on the pen box or anywhere on the frame

Yo smith (@guest_149225)
2 years ago

Why dont you show a picture of the ID tag, exactly where on the rv, and then we would get a better understanding.

RonV (@guest_64118)
3 years ago

I have a 2004 Sunnybrook 5th wheel and the VIN is in two locations. It on a label similar to the one pictured above with GVWR and tire info and is on the driver side of rig even with the floor of the upper level at the transition point. It is also stamped into the pin box on the driver side.

GaryM (@guest_63960)
3 years ago

I have a 1977 Serro Scotty Sportsman. Purchased with no title. This is the 6th. Scotty I have owned. I’ve had a ’63,’64.’68,’69,’81 and now the ’77. All of them had the Vin# stamped on the top of the tongue on the drivers side. The ’81 and the ’77 had the info on a “sticker” on the trailers side but it had been weathered to the extreme that it could not be read. I’m sure that owners of other older units have run in to the same “sticker”problem as well.

Bob Palin (@guest_63831)
3 years ago

I recently had the same problem with a 2002 Glendale Titanium, I wasn’t there and the seller couldn’t find it. Eventually they looked inside all the cabinets which revealed the sticker. Once I got the vehicle I looked at the ‘required’ location and there is a little plate that says “all vehicle information is inside the kitchen cabinet”. Glendale was a Canadian company of course but this vehicle was always in the USA

Jeff (@guest_63739)
3 years ago

This is one of those situations that you may have to do some research, if you can’t find the VIN number and other important information about this 5th Wheel.

First off, who’s the manufacturer? Model of 5th Wheel, Length and all that good stuff. If you can determine these factors, you may be able to contact the Manufacturer and have them do a search for you. Unless they have gone out of business!

If it is an older RIG, there are resources online to help you.

First off, I’d try to start with the Manufacturer.

The Vehicle ID Tag should not have been removed in the first place! But, some people remove them or possibly the vehicle was damaged and the ID Tag got removed during the repair process.

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