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RV gadget: Must-have Gripstic Snap Bags

We RVers depend on gadgets and gizmos that both make our lives easier and also simplify and shrink things. Such is exactly the case with the Gripstic Snap Bags I ran across in Quartzsite. Every once in a while I see something and buying it is a total no-brainer. 

These are silicone bags that incorporate marking for measuring things, a pour spout, integrated handles and a sealing snap at the top. They can be used in the microwave to steam vegetables. They provide a leakproof way to store things. And best of all, they can be rolled up when not in use.

I sound like one of those carnival, or RV show, pitchmen. But, my gosh, these things solve a lot of problems so well. 

How they work

There are three sizes of these bags. Each one has a plastic folding assembly on the top that has two clasps that keep the thing shut. These clasps both keep liquids in and air out. But they are also really, really easy to use. 

For whatever reason, I have issues with plastic bags with integrated zip locks such that I just don’t use them. I dislike them intensely. But these Gripstic Snap Bags are very, very easy to use. 

I stored some blueberries in one of these bags for more than a week and the berries were just as good when I ate them as they were when I put them in the bag. 

You can cook in them

I also used the bag to steam some broccoli and it worked perfectly. I did it in about a minute with the bag unlocked but still closed and the broccoli came out perfectly. 

The company says they’re microwave safe. Just know that the plastic locking mechanism along the top is plastic so you wouldn’t want to use these in the oven or anything like that. 

Measuring cup

These also serve as a measuring cup, so we got rid of the measuring cups in our trailer. Since these roll up flat, they’re pretty ideal. I love that they stand up when you’re pouring things into them. There’s a pour spout integrated into the silicon so they really work quite well in this regard too. 

There’s not much more to say about these other than the fact that this is one of those must-have gadgets that I’m glad we found at the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV show. The bags were $30 for a package of three, each a different size. Of course, if we bought larger quantities we could get a better deal, including buying four packages for the price of three at the show.



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1 year ago

Good idea, bad deal. Ten bucks per bag. I’ll wait.

1 year ago

I thought the name sounded familiar. My parents gave us some Gripstik bag closures that really keep the freshness sealed in just as if you never opened the bag at all. I highly recommend!! Would love to get some of those bags but I agree, the price is too much for me. I’ll keep it bookmarked but not interested at that price!

Kurt B
1 year ago

40 bucks for 3 bags! LOL not going to happen…

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