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RV gadget – Keep your trailer connectors protected and handy

Whenever you experience any kind of failure it’s always at the worst time possible. For example, if the connectors that link your trailer to your tow vehicle get dropped in the mud and refuse to make a connection, that’s always going to be when you’re in the middle of nowhere where you can’t resolve the situation. 

Recently we were sent a couple of gadgets that could help protect your trailer’s connectors and they’re something I think are nifty little gadgets. In fact, they’re so nifty some newer trailers and even some tongue jack installations are beginning to come with something approximating these gadgets. 

But my 1970 vintage trailer and my modern travel trailer don’t have a provision for keeping the power cord tidy when it’s not being used. Hanington Innovations Ltd. in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, has a simple solution that has worked really well. It’s called Connect-to-Protect. 

What are the Connect-to-Protect devices?

Essentially, these devices are simply plastic holders for your trailer’s connectors. They enclose the contacts and keep them from falling on the ground and into the mud. There’s a seven-pin model, a five-pin model and a four-pin model, so I installed the seven-pin on my modern trailer and the four-pin on my yard trailer.  

The company suggests using the included screws to attach the devices to a trailer. I actually attached mine with high-performance double-sided tape and that worked well. Installation couldn’t be easier, especially with my tape method. Now you have a way to keep the connectors protected and out of the mud. 

The illustration on the packaging shows that you mount the seven-pin connector horizontally. But there is a retaining tab on the protector, so I mounted it at a slight angle to further keep moisture out of the connectors. 

These kinds of cool little gadgets make our lives a bit simpler and more trouble-free. At a retail price of just $15 including shipping for the seven-pin model, it’s definitely an easy decision to make. The four- and five-pin models are just $12 including shipping. Not bad at all. 

You can order the connectors here on Connect-To-Protect’s website.



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7 months ago

Or you could do like I do and store the connector under the propane tank cover.

Thom R
7 months ago

Cole-Hersee part# 11750 is a similar “garage” for your 7-way plug. Easily ordered through your local NAPA or other chain auto parts store. Or Amazon. $11.
I attached one to the side of the electric tongue jack.

7 months ago

Nice accessory. Too bad there is not a link to order.

7 months ago
Reply to  Bob

If you click the Hanington novations link in the article, it will take you to their website where there is a link to “Buy Online” It also lists links for buying through Amazon and E-Trailer. Hope that helps.

John Macatee
7 months ago
Reply to  Bob

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