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Camping journal and RV log book perfect for RVers to keep track of campgrounds and more

This little camping journal and RV log book makes a thoughtful gift for the RVers in your life. It’s also a great way to journal about all your own adventures and keep track of important RV and camping information in one convenient place.

The bulk of the pages are for journal entries about your various camp spots. Writing prompts coach you to fill in details such as:

  • Campsite name or GPS coordinates
  • Your site number
  • The camp’s best site (for making reservations for return trips)
  • Fees
  • Cell and Wi-Fi coverage
  • Noise levels
  • Type of pad
  • A checklist of camping clubs or discounts accepted there
  • A checklist of available hookups and amenities available there
  • Space for additional notes about things you did and/or people you met

But there is more that makes this book even more useful, including:

  • Interior and exterior moving day checklists
  • Extensive packing lists for every part of the trip
  • Vehicle and RV maintenance logs

In addition, you’ll find a listing of all the national parks so you can check them off as you visit. And there are notes for bucket list items to add to your wish list for every state, and additional pages for journaling.

What I like most about this camping journal:

  • It makes for a small, handy place to keep all your important RV and trip-planning information together.
  • The entire family can work on filling it in and have a nice souvenir afterward.
  • The page templates make it easy to remember pertinent details about favorite campsites. There are 40 such pages in the book.
  • The campground entry pages are made with a simple checklist so you can simply check the boxes of the amenities and discounts offered, noise levels, and pad type.
  • This book is produced by a small Mom-and-Pop company.

What can be improved upon?

In its print form, it is somewhat limited. For instance, you probably won’t actually use the checklists to write on as you could only use them once (but you could make copies and use over and over again).

I would like to see a digital version that is easy to edit using a word processing program.

There is, in fact, a digital version available, but you need a stylus-type PDF-annotating or note-taking app to use it. This made sense when I thought there might be places for artwork and doodling, but in reality, there aren’t, so an editable word processor version would be more practical, in my opinion.

Learn more about the Camping Journal and RV Log book at LuvSkyy Outdoors.


Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicardhttps://cannademy.com/
Cheri Sicard is the author 8 published books on topics as diverse as US Citizenship to Cannabis Cooking. Cheri grew up in a circus family and has been RVing on and off her entire life.



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Neal Davis (@guest_244564)
4 months ago

I love the idea of keeping one of these, so much so that we have two or three blank ones that I bought over the last 60, or so, months. I don’t think that any of them has a single mark yet. It’s just nothing that I ever remember to do. Great idea, but not habitual enough yet. 🙁 Thanks, Cheri!

Dan (@guest_243913)
4 months ago

Another option for a “digital” version is the free App called “RV Trip Diary”. Available for both Apple and Android devices (Apple link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/rv-trip-diary/id1401438038 ). Like a digital log book. If you have more than one device (like a couple with 2 phones), just use the same account and all data is synchronized across your devices. Everything private. Can upload photos too.

Ray Zimmermann (@guest_242409)
5 months ago

I “retired” from RV life a few years ago, but a used log books similar to that for all 27 years my wife and I traveled in our two motorhomes. Recorded the start/end mileage for everyday of travel, every campground name plus price etc, every fuel stop. Very glad I did that, makes it nice to reminisce sometimes now that the travel days are over.

Neal Davis (@guest_242365)
5 months ago

Thank you, Cheri! I have at least two of these books suitable to chronicle our travel in a painless manner. Unfortunately, after 5 years of travel, I have yet to write the first word, or make any mark in any of them. Reminds me a bit of a regular battle I had with management. They wanted me to write-up all I did, especially the customer calls I got and I just wanted to do my work. 😉

Cheri Sicard (@guest_242382)
5 months ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

I have a feeling I would be the same way Neal.

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