RV owner angry over treatment by Heartland RV


By Chuck Woodbury
As I have written a hundred times, most new RVs present few problems for their owners. Sure, there are always little things, but they are usually repaired promptly.

Then there are those RVers who end up with nightmares. There are far too many of them. That’s why we started the Facebook Group RV Horror Stories. Here’s just one example of how difficult it can be to get an RV serviced promptly and correctly. This sort of thing should never happen.

Here is what one group member wrote today (slightly edited for clarity):

“We have a 28 Foot Heartland Shadow Cruiser. It’s the first RV we have owned. We dropped it off to have repair work done on December 15th and just got it back April 13th. It was supposed to be a 4 to 6 week job. Ya right!!!

As you can see it was there about 16 weeks. The first 10 weeks we never heard a word so I started calling. They said they were waiting on parts. Come to find out the main issue was the wallpaper. The TT had a bunch of work done. But not all work was done; Heartland denied some.

But what I am upset about is the wallpaper. The wallpaper by the sofa and dinette had some major defects in it. It had to be replaced. Well, come to find out they didn’t have the same style anymore. They had not communicated this with us until the very last 10 days of having the RV.

The next thing I was told was they found some wallpaper and it was being shipped and they hoped it was enough to work on that wall. Well, it wasn’t.

So Heartland sent out another wallpaper, different but similar, and told the dealer to toss that up there. Now I have 3 different wallpapers in my trailer. But where they put the new paper up they spliced it in there. They used it only in the bad sections leaving the old wallpaper in between.

Even never having done wallpaper myself I could have done a better job. As is, there are visible seams everywhere. The RV dealer can’t and won’t do anything. They say they just do what Heartland tells them to do. Heartland says they did the job and they are within their rights to replace with another paper if the first is not around anymore.

What can we do? The inside of our trailer looks like a mess now.”

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Yup! typical of Camping World.


We have a Pioneer 25 BH by Heartland. In more that 40 years of owning and trailing travel trailers, I have never bent an axle. This 2014 bent an axle and ruined 2 brand new tires. The repair man said this bent axle was now typical for the new trailers. Heartland did NOT offer anything. I weighed the trailer, and I was within weight limits for it. It is an el cheapo trailer. Cannot recommend Heartland to anyone for anything. And stay AWAY from Camping World at all costs. Better to purchase pre-owned that has some problems worked out. Camping World is the WORST of the WORST. Their repair people AND the front store personnel do NOT know anything about travel trailers.

John R Crawford

I bought a new Hartland 5th wheel from Camping World and every time I took it in for warranty work they blamed the delay on Hartland. When I called Hartland they said they approved the work the same day the request came in. I believe the dealer stalls so your warranty will run out before you find all the defects.

Charlie B

Bob P’s comment struck a cord with me. It seems those with bad experiences do indeed have the loudest voices. An old salespersons saw was that a customer that has a bad experience will tell many more than the customer that has a good experience.
For the record we are on our second Thor product, a 2018 Airstream. We have thoroughly enjoyed them both. Sure there were some minor problems. All fixed by a dealer in 1 or 2 days.

Rod Vandiver

This story would have a lot more punch with a photo.

Jim M

You should of add that Cruiser is a subsidiary of Heartland and Not manufactured by Heartland .
Kind of mis-leading in my opinion


We bought an older coach and did not like the wallpaper so we painted it! It turned out great. It seems as though you have nothing to lose by trying this.


Wallpaper? Not sure that’s a smart choice, but hey, it’s your coach.

Bob Taylor

I think at times I would like to replace my 17 year old 5th wheel by Holiday Rambler but having had so few problems I am afraid of the new ones.
My HR was never back to the dealer for any service work. In fact, still has original awning which has to have spring replaced a couple months ago.
With another cross country trip planned this summer I am aware that problems could occur but so far it has been a great unit.


Problems with this industry will never go away with individual one on one interactions, like described – It will take strong government involvement to stop the frauds obfuscations and acts of debauchery and butchery to come to an end. The RV industry is popping out crap like popcorn in the kettle at the local theater, with very close to zero quality control. They send this crap off to dealers to sell and deal with warranty. I don’t know about others but I didn’t work hard retire buy a motorhome to travel in then be told “that RV’s will fail” and you’ll have to deal with it. I’m not buying the crap which gets worse with each passing year.


Have you spoken to Heartland customer service yourself?? I found very early on that dealers will blame the manufacturer at the drop of a hat! If they did not send enough, it is likely the dealership did not measure accurately.

Call Heartland directly yourself!