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RV Review: 2021 inTech Flyer Discover Mini Toy Hauler

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By Tony Barthel
If you’re hardcore into getting things to fit into categories you may not appreciate what inTech RV has done with their Flyer Discover trailer. This trailer really bridges the gap between the company’s popular cargo and work trailers and their RV division. 

Inherited from the cargo trailer division, the Flyer Discover is a boxy shape that is constructed almost completely out of aluminum. The chassis, framing, ceiling, and even exterior skin are made of aluminum. This gives the trailer a solid and, of course, rust-free build quality much like their work trailers. 

2021 Intech Discover Flyer

Like their work trailers, this is designed to haul some serious stuff with access to a 141” cargo floor that features five frame-mounted D-rings to hold down all that stuff. It also has over 2,400 lbs. of cargo-carrying capacity. In cargo-trailer or toy-hauler style, this has a large 73”-wide cargo door at the rear that measures 79” tall. 

In fact, you could reasonably argue that this trailer owes more of its family lineage to the cargo trailer division than it does to the RV division of inTech. 

But, of course, there are RV-related features as well – such as a 3.1 cubic foot, 12-volt refrigerator, a two-burner stove, and a sink that provides access to the 8.5-gallon fresh water tank, which happens to be located in the cabinetry inside the trailer so there’s no chance of freezing (if you’re inside and the trailer is warm).

2021 Intech Flyer DiscoverIf you are using this for camping, there is a 46” x 81” tip-out bed on the driver side of this trailer with a tent enclosure that is rated to hold 1,100 lbs. However, be forewarned, a few campgrounds in bear country don’t allow RVs with canvas walls. 

Notice, if you will, that among the things that were mentioned here, there were also things not mentioned – for example, a water heater, a shower, a toilet or even a space heater. None of those things are included or even available in this trailer although you can order it with a roof air conditioner that also has heat strips if you choose. 

For that to work, of course, you’re going to need access to shore power or a generator. There will be none of this fancy boondocking in the snow with solar panels nonsense unless you bring a lot of solar panels and use a lot of your cargo space for batteries and an inverter. 

The trailer could certainly take it – the roof is sturdy enough that there’s an optional roof rack to go up there capable of holding 250 lbs. Also optional is a second camp-side tip out bed that mirrors the one that comes standard in dimension and capability. Lastly, you can get a receiver hitch at the back that is good for 100 lbs. 

While there are usually use cases I can see for most RVs, even if they’re not what I am looking for, I would have a difficult time if I were tasked with selling these with the complete lack of any bathroom provision. It would seem that even if I were taking this for day use only I’d still want that, but there are plenty of aftermarket cartridge toilets out there and little tents to put them in, so that’s certainly one solution. 

So let’s look at this instead. If you had a cargo trailer, which you could get for well under $20,000, you could outfit that with a camp kitchen and a portable toilet and still be thousands of dollars ahead. Add a couple of cots and you’ve got your sleeping space. 

2021 Intech Flyer DiscoverI’m sure the people who own one of these are going to write and tell me all the reasons I’m wrong, and that’s fine. But this is a rare beast in the RV industry where I can’t see how a much less pricey option wouldn’t be a better choice. Who knows. 

In fact, the use case of camping in a cargo trailer is one I have done in the past where I converted our old vending business trailer into a camp trailer, much to the chagrin of my poor wife. I still have the cots and camp kitchen from that rig which my wife tried her best to make look not so much like the Clampetts were coming to the campground. 

One thing this trailer does have over that cargo trailer is inTech’s build quality and aluminum materials and that may be sufficient justification, plus those tip-out beds, to make this a better choice than simply converting a cargo trailer. The best thing about the RV industry is that we each have our own choice and style and there truly is something for everybody. Even if that means BYOT. 


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angus norton
1 year ago

I race motorcycles. I bought one to haul my Moto’ to the track and sleep at the track. The track has showers, and bathrooms, so all good!

1 year ago

People who don’t see what this concept has to offer are likely not minimalists like me. I have looked at dozens of options for hauling a recumbent trike and kayak cross country and this beats everything else that I’ve seen. I love the fabric tip-out beds that bring nature close to you like a tent. Because they tip out, there’s a lot more floor space for toys. This is a toy hauler first, and camper second. Most other toy haulers I’ve seen have all the creature comforts and hardly any room to haul stuff. The cost in manufacturing this RV goes into the construction quality and durability. If you need a flush toilet and shower in an RV, you have an enormous selection to choose from and this is not for you. For a minimalist who is aware of alternatives, this is perfect.

2 years ago

Gonna go look at one this week. I considered buying an enclosed trailer and customizing
the unit to fit my needs. Then I find that there is a long wait to get one built. Covid and shortage of building materials. The cage construction makes these toyhaulers sound pretty sturdy. No bathroom….no problem and no dumping. That’s why they call it camping!

2 years ago

The construction looks excellent, an open canvas to build what you want. I like it!

Steve Murray
2 years ago

We are considering this to Tow behind our Sprinter Camper Van.

  1. Extra Fridge.
  2. Room for 4-6 Bikes, Skateboards, Surfboards etc.
  3. Room for a PortaPotty.
  4. 1 of these models come with a Pull-Out Outside Kitchen.
  5. Luxury Cargo Trailer. Much better Quality than pulling a cheap Cargo Trailer.
  6. It’s a Win!
C. Sayre
2 years ago

That price for such a small toy hauler – – and without toilet, water heater, and shower – – is completely unrealistic.

2 years ago

A solution in search of a problem. Closer to what it is not, than what it is.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tom

It’s perfect for me. I want something lightweight and simple that gives me the maximum amount of space to haul stuff. I had a problem finding something that fit how I wanted to travel without all the creature comforts most toy haulers have. The creature comforts take up so much space there isn’t much room to haul stuff. This was the perfect solution and I’m grateful that it’s available. Not everyone can appreciate what it has to offer, but I do.

Joel Silverman
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom

You’re correct if you want a luxury RV. I don’t. The problem with an RV is that you are behind 4 walls with an inside kitchen, bathroom, etc. This nods more towards campers that want the security of off the ground tent experience and ability to haul stuff.

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