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RV Review: 2022 Jayco White Hawk 25MBH travel trailer

Today’s RV review is of the 2022 Jayco White Hawk 25MBH, a new floor plan with some nifty features. Funny thing—as a kid I got more excited the closer it got to Christmas. Now I have almost the same feeling when I see an RV floor plan I haven’t seen before. 

Either I am getting weirder or RVs are getting more exciting. Let’s not have a poll on this. 

The Jayco White Hawk line is sort of a mid-priced, mid-size travel trailer line that features laminated construction utilizing Azdel substrates in the build. Like all Jayco towables, this one has some real standout features that make these worth considering. 

One of those features is that these are certified to be usable in temperatures from 0°–100° F. But Jayco does this differently than some makers. Their certification is done with the slide rooms out, as you would do if you were actually camping in the trailer. 

Makes a lot of sense. 

Jayco has a longer warranty than most

Another aspect of Jayco products that I like is their warranty, which is two years on the trailer itself and three years on the structure. This is much longer than most. 

Further, Jayco incorporates safety features including the trailer’s being prewired for side-view and backup cameras. Another nice safety item is the fact that the side and top corner marker lights flash with the turn signals. Good stuff. 


In addition to just Jayco-specific advantages, this trailer is an unusual combination of floor plan features. 

Up front there’s a Murphy bed, which I know is a deal breaker for many based on your feedback here. If that weren’t enough of a curse against this unit for some, it also is a smaller “camp queen” when it’s deployed for sleeping, at 60” X 75”. 

Having had a Murphy bed camper, I like them because you get the couch in the day and the bed at night fully utilizing the space. Further, the couch in this that is below the Murphy bed has some pretty trick features including a slot beneath the cushion where you can slide a folding table in. This is a great use of space. 

But wait. There’s more. There are also two drawers at the base of the couch. They’ve really taken advantage of every ounce of space available. 


Another thing I like about this camper is the number of choices, starting with the dining area. 

You can get this with a theater seat. You can get this with a dinette. Or you can get this with a free-standing table with two proper dining chairs and an ottoman. This is my favorite. 

The reason I like this is that the ottoman isn’t attached, so you can use it with the couch at the front. You can use it as a seat for the dining table. It has storage inside it. So, flexibility, again. 

While you’re choosing, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose between two different interior design packages. This is nice because you can choose to closer match your own style rather than the usual choice of take it or leave it. 

More, more, more

Where this floor plan also shines is in the rear bunk. The lower bunk can flip up and there’s a half door at the rear. This makes a great spot to bring in cargo when in transit, and you can bring along some really long items. Think a two-person kayak, for example. 

The axles on this are spread further apart. Some delivery drivers have told me this really does make a difference with towing. Further, Jayco uses Goodyear Endurance travel trailer tires—another plus. 


The kitchen in this is unusual only in that there is a long countertop that accommodates the sink and stove. Further, it extends above an electric fireplace at a taller height. This could make a good serving place. 

Another choice is given in the form of keeping things cool. You can have the traditional propane-electric RV fridge or a newfangled 12-volt compressor model. 


A few things that are consistent with the Jayco line that I am not fond of include the use of a smaller oven, of course, which is especially disappointing in a bunk model trailer. There’s also just a worthless fan in the bathroom. Bummer. But that’s pretty typical of most trailers.

With all the good choices given, I wish more companies would offer either no oven or the ability to buy the larger one. I know plenty of RVers who would make the no-oven choice, quite frankly. I realize, though, that this would mean multiple cabinet builds, which starts to complicate things.

Another thing, whoever it is that has convinced the RV industry that windshields in travel trailers is a good idea, please direct yourself to the lion exhibit at your local zoo and wear a suit of bacon. Seriously, this is the worst possible scenario—a windshield when you don’t want it and none when you do. Dumb.

Boondocking and travel access

This was a surprise, considering the Murphy bed and the size of the slide. But the whole trailer is completely usable with the slide in. You can fold down the Murphy bed and sleep in it. You can get to the entire kitchen and even the bathroom. In fact, there’s still plenty of space for long cargo with the slide in.

There’s a lot of water storage aboard this rig, with 55 gallons of fresh water available. Further, you can get this with a 190-watt solar panel and still have the propane-electric RV fridge, so you could maximize boondocking if that’s your style.

In summary

What stands out is the flexibility of this floor plan. It can be a great couple’s camper one weekend, a camper that works with a larger family the next, and one where you could sit and get work done. 

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The folding and flexible space of the Murphy bed in a larger floor plan does make the interior feel more spacious. The couch plus the dinette means everybody who sleeps here can also sit here. This is less typical than it should be. 

There’s so much good about this floor plan, including advantages of the Jayco brand itself. But I can also see the Murphy bed turning off some buyers. What bugs me, more, is the small oven in a bunk model. We each have our nits to pick but, overall, the Jayco White Hawk 25MBH a trailer without a lot of nits. 

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Tony Barthel
Tony Barthel
Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.


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Les Phagan
11 months ago

We bought a new 2021 last year. From day one the refrigerator did not work and there was a leak under the bathroom sink. Then after about a month the water pump went out.

11 months ago

Tony’s point about the front windshield gives a good indication of the company’s non-use of their own product. Pass.

Tommy Molnar
11 months ago

The wider space between axles may make it better for towing, but I think this would put a lot more stress on your tires when doing those 90° back-ins, unless you’re on gavel or dirt, which I think would lessen it. And, my ‘wobble-stoppers’ would probably not expand enough to work on these axles. I like the subway tile in the kitchen. It reminds me of our kitchen at home. I like that Jayco has a longer warranty, but a 10 YEAR warranty is worthless if you can’t get in to get stuff done. What is REALLY cool is that the trailer is totally usable with the slide in! Love that.

11 months ago

“…mid-priced…” Really? The way I evaluate trailer prices is by $$$$/linear foot. By that measure this is one of the most expensive I’ve seen, at over $2000/ft. I’d be curious to know what your standard is for pricing, Tony?

Bob M
11 months ago

The trouble with Jayco’s White Hawks is there’s no room under the sink. No room for a garbage can under their either. Because of these issues We backed out of buying one. The one we liked didn’t have floor registers, a plus. With my experience on my Jayco travel trailer you need the two year warranty. Plus the dealer has plenty of excuses to not fix some things. The fireplaces are nice, especially this weekend in the Pocono’s with cool and very windy conditions. Plus a larger oven would have came in handy. Was worry about using the charcoal grill with the wind. The good thing about this travel trailer is it don’t have the dangerous dining table. If more RV companies would use a table like this one with a fold out extension. It would help with access to kitchens/fridges when traveling.

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