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RV Review: 2022 Wildwood FSX 167RBK: coal in your stocking or a holiday treat?

We looked at a few smaller trailers in the under-$30,000 price range and today we have another for that list – the 2022 Forest River Wildwood FSX 167RBK. Now, you might be curious about that and want to head over to Forest River’s website to check it out. 

And, like that guy who wouldn’t give you any soup from the Seinfeld TV show, you might also find “no trailer for you.” 

Nope to you, buddy.

Okay, so like many trailer manufacturers when there is enough demand either for a model or a line of trailers, companies like Forest River will set up assembly lines in different parts of the country. Obviously, Indiana is where it all starts out but then there are also a bunch of lines up in Oregon and a few in Southern California as well. There are others, but this seems to be where they are most likely to be found. 

The 2022 Wildwood FSX 167RBK isn’t available everywhere

So if you want the Wildwood FSX 167RBK but happen to find yourself loving life in Quartzsite, Arizona, consider yourself off the list. True, too, if you gambled on a home in Vegas, and California’s off the list, too. 

But there is a Plan B. Wildwood does have the T177FQ in their X-Lite West line for those of you in the states they won’t ship the FSX 167RBK to. This trailer is similar. 

If you’re more of a Midwestern type, there is the 171RBXL also. It is heavier but, again, almost the same floor plan. But all of these have different tank sizes and cargo carrying capacities. I’m sure some MBA can explain all this to me, but I’m going to be like Jeff Dunham’s puppet, Walter, and just sit with my arms crossed during the explanation. 

What this is

No matter what city you call home or what version you ultimately find to be the one you end up with, what you’re getting is a small, single-axle trailer that incorporates a Murphy bed and a bathroom across the back. I like these small trailers with a Murphy bed and the bathroom across the back – and that’s what I have. 

Though not this model. 

That bathroom actually offers good space and a decent countertop. Even those of us who displace more water in the pool will find it very accommodating for all functions we visit the bathroom for. There are even a good amount of cabinets here, including one above the toilet and one next to the shower. There’s much more space than you’d normally expect to find given the exterior size of this trailer. 

Wildwood is one of the companies that is adopting the two-burner in-line stove top, which makes so much sense in a smaller rig like this. I can’t remember ever using more than two burners in my own rig – and I cook quite a bit. 

However, this also means you forgo an oven. But no oven is almost preferable to that 17” thing that looks like an oven that finds its way into so many RVs – but burns all your cookies. 

The sink is mounted into a solid-surface countertop. The cover has two halves so you can leave one in place and actually have a reasonably decent amount of counterspace in here, given the overall size of the rig. 

Quite a bit of storage in the Wildwood FSX

There is also quite a lot of storage overall in the Wildwood FSX 167RBK. That includes storage under the dinette as well as under the couch in the front. That would be under the bed when it’s down at night. 

However, I would caution anybody who has this trailer to be very mindful of how much “stuff” you load in it as the cargo carrying capacity of this model is really low. While 800 pounds might seem like a lot, if you fill the fresh water tank, at 43 gallons, you’ve consumed close to half of your carrying capacity just there. 

What I do like is the fact that Wildwood includes a portable Bluetooth speaker and no TV. This has worked well for us for a while. Most of our content is consumed on either laptop screens, iPhones or an iPad. We don’t really even have a TV any longer. The place Wildwood has provided as a TV mount is, at best, inconvenient. 

Plus, the audio systems in most travel trailers is lousy at best. So this Bluetooth solution is a great one and one that I would enjoy using. 

I also like what Wildwood calls AccessiBelly. This is a sectioned cover over the underbelly. If there’s ever an issue in one section under the trailer you can remove one of the panels relatively easily and effect the repair. You don’t have to remove the entire underbelly. It’s a smart idea. 

What’s not in the Wildwood FSX

I know a lot of you dislike Murphy beds. If this trailer had been your only experience with them, I would concur. 

The bed in this trailer is simply a platform that drops down and is supported by the couch. The mattress is one of those that has to fold to accommodate this mechanism/design. Honestly, I just do not like this at all. 

Look at this design compared to the one in the Rockwood/Flagstaff models and you’ll see this is just nowhere near as good. Honestly, if I were shopping and checked out this model, I would likely keep looking. 

This is another reason why I cringe when I read people saying things like “don’t buy from Forest River or Thor.” Those companies allow each division a great deal of autonomy to make design, engineering and other decisions. So while this and the Rockwood Geo Pro G19FD have identical floor plans, there is a big difference in price but also in how the trailers are designed. 

One of those is the build methodology, too. This model features a smooth skin, but that’s a fiberglass sheet glued to a Luan backer and then attached to the wooden framing in the walls. 

In summary

I typically like Wildwood products as value-focused models that give a decent number of usable features at a fair price. But the lousy Murphy bed in this one would take it off my list. There’s also not a tremendous amount of space in the front pass-through storage. However, the space that’s there can be accessed either via the doors on the outside or by lifting the couch’s lower cushion. 

Even if you’re a good player in the game, you don’t hit a home run every time you come up to bat. 

Once again, I appreciate Josh Winters from Haylett RV in Coldwater, Michigan, for the images. 


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Murphy bed design
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The Wildwood FSX 167RBK is a small, single-axle trailer with an MSRP under $30,000 that has some nice features but are those enough to counter the design of the Murphy bed?


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