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RV Review: 2022 Wildwood FSX 170SS, a flexible little trailer

Today’s RV review is of the 2022 Wildwood FSX 170SS. I used to enjoy a program on TV called “Good Eats,” where host Alton Brown spelled out a lot of ways to make the basic food items really sing. But, more than that, he was a strong advocate of any tool that could do multiple jobs. 

Maybe it’s that we share that vision: I love a thing that does more than one thing. And that’s what I like about this little camper. This is a relatively small and light camper but one that can serve a variety of purposes. 

This could very easily just be a solo traveler’s camper. I see a lot of people doing just this, especially with my interaction with the tribe at Girl Camper. There are a lot of members of the Girl Camper movement who have either struck out on their own or just don’t have other members of their own families who enjoy camping as much as they do. 

Oh, don’t feel badly for them at all. You should see the fun they have as a group. It almost makes me wish there were an equivalent for us dudes. 

Wildwood FSX 170SS great for a solo traveler

Anyhow, this would make a great camper if you’re a solo traveler. It’s small and light but has a huge (relatively speaking, of course) slide. That slide has a “U”-shaped dinette and a couch. So in one small rig you have lots of seating space. 

But let’s say a couple gets this and normally goes camping together. Sometimes others, children, grandchildren, happen to come along, as well. 

There’s the big dinette which can serve as a bed, and the couch folds into a bed too. But there’s also a bonus bunk that drops into place over the couch. So now you legitimately have sleeping for six in a camper you can pull with many SUVs. 

Obviously, it’s always wise to know all the factors about towing anything. 

Remember towing isn’t really about what you can pull. It’s about what you can carry and what you can stop safely. 

This also has a narrower profile, at just 90 inches wide. So that makes it even friendlier if you don’t happen to have a big truck to pull it with. 

Highlights of the Wildwood FSX 170SS

There are some absolute things I really like about this trailer, and some of those come from the brand. One factor is something called an Accessibelly, where the underbelly is enclosed in sections. That enables you to take off one section at a time instead of the whole shebang. 

I also like that this comes with a big Bluetooth speaker instead of the typical lousy audio system that’s in most RVs. This means you can play your favorite podcast, like the StressLess Camping podcast (boy, that was a cheap plug), and take the speaker outside and share those podcasts with the others in camp. 

I like this much, much better than the lousy outdoor speakers in almost every other RV. Also, to me this just seems to work better. And, yes, you can get just about any kind of content you want, including live local radio if that’s your thing. 


As many highlights as I think there are in the Wildwood FSX 170SS camper, there are also some things I wish had been done differently. 

This sports an east-to-west camp queen bed, for example. Now, this doesn’t bother a lot of people. But for those who it does, it’s a bummer. 

Also, I can live with the small fan in the main living space, but would rather not. I don’t know who made the decisions about the bathroom. The little fan in the bathroom is directly over the shower. While I wouldn’t have this issue, I wonder if some people who are taller and have hair might find theirs getting sucked up in the fan?

This is literally the worst placement of a vent fan that I’ve ever seen.

From the standpoint of windows, there aren’t many on the camp side at all, including none in the door. There is basically one in the kitchen and that’s it.

Oh, and this kitchen will absolutely be polarizing. The stovetop is simply a two-burner propane stovetop. No oven. There is a microwave, but no convection unit. This could serve some campers very well, but others may not like it. It’s good to know about.

Boondocking and travel access

In my working with the Girl Campers, one of the things I’ve observed is that mid-journey stealth overnighting stops are something many of them seem to be interested in doing at least once in a while.

In this camper, you’ll have access to the bed just fine. But forget the bathroom altogether.

In summary

I can see this being a a camper that suits a lot of different needs. The flexibility in the floor plan is a part of that. The couch that has a secret bunk on top is a definite winner. I also like the Bluetooth speaker and the Accessibelly system. The things that are less desirable aren’t huge issues, depending on you and your camping style. That is, unless you’re tall enough that the stupid fart fan sucks your hair up. 

The Wildwood FSX 170SS is definitely a nice package at an affordable price. 

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Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.


  1. Tony, was this trailer made for a nudist? I see no storage area for clothes. Maybe I am wrong, but i did not see it. Happy Trails

    • There is a tiny “shirt closet” at the foot of the bed and a cabinet above the bed for folded clothes. Of course that means you have to climb on the bed to get your clothes out.

  2. may be wrong, but right at 23′ and nearly 5000 lbs, i would like to see a second axle. my TT is 23′ and a gallon of milk under 5000 lbs, i know it when that Kenworth passes me. Can’t help but think losing 2 tires is going to make that even worse.

  3. I don’t understand why so many comment on not enough windows. When we go camping or traveling, if we want to see what is around us, we go outside for the view – that is why we camp or travel, to be outside. When inside I want to be cozy from the rain or in the dark to sleep, away from the neighbor’s ‘keep the rats away blue lights”..

  4. The “fart fan” as you called it is actually there to remove moisture from the bathroom.
    Therefore above the shower is the best location. Steam from the water.

  5. Even a 90″-wide TT should have room to put a REAL 80″-long queen bed! But instead, it has a 74″ non-queen bed and a TV on the wall. Sure glad no American RV buyer is over 5 ’10” or they might have a hard time sleeping in that stupid ” RV queen”.

  6. With the trend going to RV’s with less windows. I wouldn’t buy one. I like to camp where I have some kind of view and look out the window. The weather isn’t always good that you can sit outside and the awning or outdoor canopies won’t hold up to wind.


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