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RV review: Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBTH toy hauler

By Tony Barthel
It’s difficult to find a small, high-quality toy hauler but the 2021 Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBTH is a standout for many reasons, including being a single-axle toy hauler. 

Rockwood GeoPro 19FBTH floor plan
Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBTH floor plan

Since their introduction, Rockwood’s Geo Pro and the nearly identical Flagstaff ePro have been a huge hit. The thinking behind these is to offer class-leading features and top-of-the-line build quality in a small, affordable package. It seems that when Rockwood has the opportunity to decide between a premium build feature or component as opposed to one that was more price-sensitive, they choose the better quality every time. 

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The reasons I write that is because things like vacuum-laminated aluminum-framed walls are used throughout including the ceiling and all the slide room walls on models that have those. The substrate material is Azdel all around, which is a waterproof man-made material. 

Most of the Geo Pros incorporate MORryde suspension, frameless windows, MaxxAir fans, BAL frames, Goodyear Endurance tires filled with nitrogen, and on and on. I honestly can’t think of a single area where there are trailers that best the Rockwood Geo Pros in terms of quality features. 

The Geo Pro line also includes 180 watts of solar on the roof, and the panels have been upgraded in 2021 to now be rigid panels (as opposed to flexible panels). If off-grid (boondocking) is your style, the Geo Pros feature an inverter that keeps some of the outlets working from battery power. 

There is a Showermiser shower valve that lets you recirculate water into your freshwater tank as you wait for the hot water to get to the showerhead, thereby saving water and extending your boondocking adventures. 

And those rugged off-road tires also help you get to places other trailers might have to avoid. 

But speaking to the specific floor plan of this toy hauler, the newly-introduced Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBTH features a very decent 6’11” cargo length capacity which is accessible by a 60” by 68” counterbalanced cargo door in the rear. To make cargo loading and unloading even easier, this trailer features a special airbag suspension created by MORryde that allows you to raise and lower the trailer to favor cargo loading by lowering the suspension or traverse those trails that you wouldn’t dare venture down in most trailers by raising it. 

While some smaller trailers feature a wet bath, this one features a full dry bath. 

To accommodate the toy hauler capability the trailer has a kitchen on one side of the unit and a flip-up couch on the other. While you’re not going to be getting side-by-sides into this toy hauler you can get dirt bikes, mountain bikes, kayaks and other things in and potentially tow with something like a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. 

For 2021 some of the upgrades and improvements to the Geo Pro line, in general, include the use of a 12-volt compressor-based refrigerator. Naturally, interior colors have changed and this is a new model, though there has been a smaller toy hauler in the line that features two folding couches as the sleeping area. 

Honestly, my only challenge in this rig is that the bed is a full-size “east-west” bed where one person has to crawl over the other at night, but these are narrow-body trailers and this one is small enough to be easily towed. It already comes close to defying the magic of physics with size/functionality and Rockwood/Flagstaff can only do so much. 

Having owned a Rockwood trailer myself for the past four years I can attest to the build quality and usable premium features in these trailers. 

Rockwood GeoPro 19FBTH specifications
Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBTH specifications

If adventure is in your wheelhouse and you have been thinking that your toys have to stay home perhaps the newly announced Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBTH might be just the ticket to take it all with you when you go. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with my own research and represent the most accurate information and opinion at the time of writing. Your experience is always encouraged.



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1 year ago

We have had two Rockwood trailers and neither of them had “top-of -the-line build quality.” A leaking window and a stereo system with an inoperable volume control (LOUD only) when we picked it up from the dealer. A Maxx-Air fan that didn’t last the warranty period, no-name brand tires, a converter that lasted two years, then went out, ruining two expensive AGM batteries, etc. And all that on a 2016 model fifth wheel only a year older than the one owned by the writer of this review. Has Warren Buffet suddenly impacted the quality of Forest River products in a favorable way? Did their former quality-control managers get fired? When did this top-of-the-line quality suddenly appear at Rockwood-Flagstaff?

Bob P
1 year ago

Without the specs this article is totally useless, I can pick a subject out of the air and write gloriously wonderful things to say, but without facts to back it up it’s just my personal opinion. A waste of your time publishing it and my time reading it, I don’t blame you but I’d just as soon look at a blank space on the page.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bob P

Let’s just say that this may be nothing more than and advertisement. Why {bleeped} about it?

1 year ago

I am really enjoying these reviews. We are in the process right now of choosing our next rv, having sold our PleasureWay. The only thing that would make these reviews better would be a link to them. Thanks!

Gary Machholz
1 year ago

That trailer is 3100 dry. New wranglers have a max 3500 towing capacity and a few JK Models had 5000 so I think making a comment about towing with a Jeep is a little misleading.

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