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RV sales for 2019 to dip. January shipments off nearly 40 percent


RV shipments will dip for the second straight year in 2019 according to a new forecast prepared by longtime RV industry analyst Richard Curtin of the University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center.

In the Spring 2019 issue of the RV RoadSigns newsletter, Curtin projects total RV shipments will range between 475,500 and 444,500 units this year with the most likely final total being 460,100 units, a dip of 4.9 percent from the 2018 year-end total of 483,700 units. His forecast follows an announcement earlier this week by the RV Industry Association (RVIA) that total RV shipments ended January with 25,540 wholesale shipments, a decrease of 39.8% from the 42,441 units shipped the same month last year.

Curtin believes that the RV market will see a sluggish start to the year with first-quarter shipments being impacted by unusually harsh weather and the federal government shutdown, shifting shipments into the second quarter. He believes robust RV retail sales, healthy RV inventory levels, and strong income, employment and household wealth factors will continue to exert a positive force on the RV market.

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3 years ago

I see the economy not as great for the average American contrary to what the government wants us to believe. My son lost over $20,000 worth of deductions on his tax return that he had the year before. His state tax return was larger then his federal return because he could still use the deductions on his state return. Then you read that Amazon with over a $11 billion profit has no tax liability because of new loop holes and deductions they encountered from the new tax bill. Higher interest rates, tariffs on aluminum and steel raising the cost of rvs, and stagnant wages for many Americans definitely plays a factor in this.

3 years ago

I agree with Jeff. Every RV sales lot I see is packed with oversized recreational vehicles. It is difficult to find a dealership with the smaller RV’s on the lot. I wonder if all the monster RV’s are in line for service issues.

Jeanne & Roger
3 years ago

And the smart buyers that have done their homework (or been ripped off) look for high quality older used ones. We would never buy anything made in the last few years.

3 years ago

High costs of “upgraded” units with all the glitz and glamor supposedly demanded by folks, poor and unacceptable build “quality” , bad reputation for sales and service by the big RV Dealership chains, ever-increasing campground fees, insurance, etc., and just the big inconvenience of having to make reservations 6 mo. to a year in advance if one can plan that far in advance, all work together to decrease demand. That has some benefits for those of us already hooked on the lifestyle though. AOC and the new “take our green” deal will ruin this industry further, along with trucking, airlines, home-comfort utilities, cars, factories, healthcare/Medicare, and on and on.

Marty Chambers
3 years ago

That is what happens when you turn out crap. Sooner or later it’s going to bite you in the {bleeped}!

I personally feel that Thor and Camping World are big contributors to the drop in sales.

When you go to an RV Show and RVs are on display with glaring short comings you know it’s a matter of time before sales suffers.

3 years ago

This is mainly due to the HUGE Un-Sold inventory sitting on dealers lots! Dealers have OVERSTOCK, that you can see driving down the highways, passing Dealership after Dealership and their lots are packed with Un-Sold RV’s Plus, People are just getting their Christmas bills in and don’t have any money to go out and purchase a new or used RV.

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