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Another RV water tank falls through the floor. And are RVers asking the wrong questions about RV quality?

In this column, we summarize some of your emails and comments regarding RV service centers and repairs (we asked you to submit your stories here). We’ll tell you all: the best, the good, the bad and the ugly. At the end of this article, you’ll find a place to submit your own comments. I encourage you to do so.

Keep in mind, we typically only present one side of the story in most of these. Also, any remarks about service centers and mobile techs mentioned are the opinions of our readers and not necessarily 

Here’s what you had to say:

Are we asking the wrong questions?

Jim A. compares car travel to being told to “expect problems” with an RV. He says, “I have been told over and over again your RV is experiencing an earthquake as you drive down the road. Expect problems. I have never read a comment about automobiles that travel at least twice the average miles our RVs do in a year and we’ll go 200,000 to 300,000 miles today with minimal problems experiencing that same earthquake. As a kid, I remember my dad saying, ‘The car has 60,000 miles on it. Time to trade it in!’ That was before the Japanese competition hit the U.S. market.

“After driving 45,000 miles in eight years of RVing in a motorhome and after waiting three months for a part from HWH, we decided to search out what are the best-made trailers out there. We decided on a NuCamp TAB 320.

“We just got back from a rally where there were about 200 NuCamp trailers. I never once heard a bad word about the quality of construction and reliability problems. I purchased a 2019 and have put about 6,000 miles on it in six months; I have only had one minor problem that I was able to fix myself.

“Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions when we purchase. If we all ask, ‘What are the best built RVs?’ perhaps our quality problems would start to go away.”

Disabled and at the mercy of service centers

Phil A. is a disabled veteran and is frustrated about not being able to do his own service. He wrote, “Purchased a new 2018 Thor Vegas 25.4. Within a few weeks, I identified 53 issues with the unit that resulted in a return to the factory for major renovation and repair. Now, on my 5th anniversary of the unit, I’m finding the issue is getting service. The selling dealer, Camping World, no longer services generators and appointments are months out. I have attempted to get mobile generator service (fuel filter, plug, oil change) without any success.

“As a disabled veteran with limited use of my hands, I find it frustrating that I have the knowledge to do my own maintenance but due to physical limitations am at the mercy of the shady or non-existent service centers for routine maintenance.

“I’m in the market for a new upper-end class A ($500K) and will be getting a written guarantee that all services will be made available as a priority of the sale. Including expedited service from the selling dealer. The manufacturers of these shoddy units should be subject to the Magnuson Act passed by Congress years ago!!!”

Another water tank falls out

Jim T. had his 2020 water tank fall out and neither the warranty company nor the manufacturer will cover the cost. He explains, “In 2020 I bought new a 2020 Aria made by Thor. Fourteen months after purchase, the 100-gallon fresh water tank fell through the basement floor and was laying on the pavement. It was only half full of water. Fortunately, it did not happen on the road going 60 mph.

“The dealer where I purchased would not take it in for repairs for 10 weeks. That’s when I found out that Thor would not cover it because it was out of first-year warranty. Then I called my extended warranty (which cost $9,200) to have them cover it. They would not cover it because ‘it is a manufacturer defect.’ How is that for service?”

11th RV and zero issues with this one

Larry P. is happy with his RV even if it is small. He writes, “Bought a new 2020 Winnebago Travato 59K back in 2020 and have had zero issues. This is my 11th RV and this is the first time I have had the perfect experience. The Dodge Ram chassis is a delight to drive and fuel efficiency is outstanding. Too small for two people, however.”

Only trouble is with third-party components

Fred G. does most of his own work but has found good service when he needs it. He lets us know, “I do most of my own service. A few times I needed outside help. In Santa Fe, NM, I have used Santa Fe RV with great results. The average wait is about two weeks or less. It gets fixed right at a fair price. In Montrose, CO, at San Juan Meadows, a local Mobil tech has helped me twice with same-day service and great rates. We own both an Excel 5th wheel and a Coach House MH. No troubles ever with the RVs other than third-party components. Excel went out of business and Coach House makes a limited number of units per year. I will only buy used.”

Fourth 5th wheel and rather happy with all

Jeremy P. is the bearer of good news! He comments, “Not wanting to jinx it, but I literally received my happy 3-year birthday card from World Wide RV in Mesa, AZ. I have traveled 14,000 miles in my Jayco Northpoint 377RLBH and while I did have some problems, namely slides one and two, they were taken care of by my local dealer. The biggest issue was Texas franchise laws where a dealer must sell the product they’re warrantying, but Jayco and I worked through this with a good conclusion. This was my fourth 5th wheel and I’m rather happy with all of them.”

Price gouging. Boo! Hiss!

Carl G. reports that he overpaid the dealer for a defective part and they did not refund him. He says, “We have a 2020 Tiffin Allegro Red 37BA. Recently, our ‘Air Dream’ queen couch air mattress failed. Several seams started leaking air. The mattress fits in a quality cover over spring coils. The replacement air mattress bladder that contains automatic inflate and deflate components (made in China) cost $900 by the dealer, RV Corral, Eugene, OR, ordered from Tiffin in Red Bay, Alabama. It took six weeks to arrive. It leaked worse than the original. Since we were leaving for a 6-week road trip, we ordered an identical replacement from Amazon that was delivered in two days for $246. RV Corral in Eugene refused to take back the defective unit, insisting instead to replace it—NO REFUND! Price gouging the innocent and senior citizens to boot! Boo! Hiss!”

Editor’s note

Note from If hiring a mobile tech, a small or mega service center, make sure that they are experienced in the issue and have insurance in case something goes wrong. Also, check their warranty policy on the work they perform. Check reviews too and read between the lines—if the review sounds way too good to be true it might be. Compare with several reviews and not just the ones on their website.

Questions for you about RV service

We’ll continue to share stories of your RV service experiences. We want to know:

  • Have you had good luck with great service or not so much?
  • Did you get good service from knowledgeable technicians?
  • Are you waiting to get into a service center or have a mobile tech come out?
  • What has been the average time to get an appointment?
  • Has your RV been in a service center for a while?
  • Are you able to get any mobile techs to come out?
  • Are the service centers able to get parts?
  • When you do get the repairs done, is the price reasonable?

Please fill out the form below and tell us what your experiences have been like. It can be a horror story, an opinion about what’s going on, a positive experience, or anything else related to the topic. We want to know the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Check back next week for more on RV service centers. See you then.

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Nanci Dixon
Nanci Dixon
Nanci Dixon has been a full-time RVer living “The Dream” for the last six years and an avid RVer for decades more! She works and travels across the country in a 40’ motorhome with her husband. Having been a professional food photographer for many years, she enjoys snapping photos of food, landscapes and an occasional person. They winter in Arizona and love boondocking in the desert. They also enjoy work camping in a regional park. Most of all, she loves to travel.


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Dennis G.
1 month ago

With RVs, remember “You are the Warranty”. Got the t-shirt live by it.
But seriously, water tanks should not fall out of any RV. Dealer service times need to be shorter, and RV techs need training before performing any work.
Lastly, the old adage, “Buyer Beware”. Price shop before you order parts. Check various manufacturers, check their product quality reviews.

Bob P
1 month ago

In the first three items I noticed 3 things everybody needs to remember, NO THOR, NO CAMPING WORLD, and NO AFTERMARKET WARRANTEES. If the manufacturer offers the warrantee it MIGHT be ok. Nobody else can’t be trusted, READ what’s covered and not covered BEFORE signing even if it takes an hour. The reason RVs are not like cars is because they’re not considered ESSENTIAL. Not everybody needs an RV so politicians don’t get interested, plus there are enough lobbyists for the RV industry to keep the palms well greased of the politicians that are concerned about the RV industry.

Baron VonFùrstinbed
1 month ago

Yah, it is mostly slopped together junk without much of a warranty in reality. And apparently little liability. Warren Buffet is the biggest problem. The dealers generally are not much to write home about either.

1 month ago

We have an 09 Cedar Creek fifth. The water tank supports are steel angle and where fastened to the frame with self tapping screws. Nuts!
I had the belly off for other reasons and saw that some of these screws had sheared and it would only be a matter of when it would drop out completely.
I’d recommend that if you can everybody should inspect the bottom of your rvs for potential issues.
Another issue I discovered was the main electrical wire was threaded over the sharp edges of the crossmembers to the converter. Found at one spot it had worn through the insulation. Fortunately not a “live”! Not addressed this would have eventually resulted in fire.

1 month ago

I have to call out Jeremy’s comment in the piece. I live in Texas and have had warranty work done by different dealers than where we bought ours. That is a lie told by dealer service managers who don’t care and don’t want to get paid the warranty price.
It’s their choice by law to refuse service to anyone but….I would call their bluff. If they are that way, you wouldn’t want them to work on your RV anyway.

Roger V
1 month ago

Phil A and Jim T both bought Thor products.

Baron VonFùrstinbed
1 month ago
Reply to  Roger V

Yes, the best way to avoid poor effort is to stay away from anything to do with Thor Industries and old Warren.

Bob M
1 month ago

Warren Buffet doesn’t run the companies. He hires a CEO to do that Job. Best way to comment to him is buy stock and send a letter in for comment at his annual shareholder meeting.

Jesse Crouse
1 month ago

Find a good and honest LOCAL dealer and stay with them. We did and they have been there for us thru 4 RV’s. Stoltzfus RV in West Chester, Pa.

Baron VonFùrstinbed
1 month ago
Reply to  Jesse Crouse

Good AND Honest? Well good luck with that! The rv industry has turned into a rather sleazy experience ran by used car sales people types.

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