Wednesday, December 7, 2022


RV shipments plunge in September


The champagne cork has quit popping in the RV manufacturing capital of Elkhart, Indiana, after celebrating record shipments and sales.

Results for the RV Industry Association’s September 2022 survey of manufacturers determined that total RV shipments ended the month with 28,333 units, a decrease 48.5% compared to the 55,014 units shipped in September 2021. Through September, RV shipments are down 8.2% compared to the same point last year with 415,594 wholesale shipments.

“This latest shipment report shows that RV production is continuing to normalize off of last year’s record production and tracks with our latest forecast for 2022,” said RV Industry Association President and CEO Craig Kirby. “Campgrounds continue to report strong reservations as the many people who bought RVs in the past few years are using the RVs to spend quality time with friends and family this fall while enjoying the many physical and mental health benefits of getting outdoors.”

Towable RVs, led by conventional travel trailers, ended the month down 54.4% against last September with 23,103 shipments. Motorhomes finished the month up 21.1% compared to the same month last year with 5,230 units.


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suzanne Ferris
1 month ago

Costco is taking their diesel pumps out in Seattle. When it’s cheaper to fly around the country and stay in hotels than drag a rig it gives one pause.

Earl Balentine
1 month ago
Reply to  suzanne Ferris

Dragging a rv around and hooking up with new friends is better than being on a crowded plane. It’s not about money it’s about socializing with with new friends and come and go when you want. If flying was free I would still take my RV on the road.

Bob M
1 month ago

Not only do we have to see RV’s come down to affordable levels, but also the interest rate to buy them.

1 month ago

Now we need to see prices come down to affordable levels.