Monday, September 26, 2022


New RV shipments now projected to slow as year progresses

The RV Industry Association is still bullish on the number of units it will sell in 2022, but it pulled back a bit from early projections that it would again top 600,000 shipped units.

The group’s latest projections show the industry might just miss the 600,000 benchmark it surpassed in 2021. The spring edition of RV RoadSigns, the quarterly industry forecast, now projects a total of between 578,000 and 603,300 RV units will be produced and shipped to dealers in 2022. The RV Industry Association said it expects the total to be about 591,100.

New RV shipment numbers drop

That would be a 1.5 percent drop from the 2021 shipment total.

“Our forecast shows another very strong year for the RV industry which is being driven by continued consumer demand and inventory restocking at dealerships across North America after a record-breaking 2021,” said RVIA President and CEO Craig Kirby. “Despite the economy as a whole facing headwinds with continued supply chain issues and rising inflation, RV manufacturers and suppliers are well-positioned to meet the ongoing demand for RVs as consumers continue to desire ways to get out and experience an active outdoor lifestyle.”

Despite the lowered projection, RV manufacturers appear to be off to a fast start for 2022. January shipments were up 16 percent from the previous January. RVIA officials said some of that early activity was due to restocking dealer lots, and they expected the pace of growth to slow as the year progresses.



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BILLY Bob Thronton
6 months ago

I didnt want to be the one who told you so, but i did. Its going to tank, especially now that oil is on an elevator to the stratosphere. Hold your coin, there are going to be firesale prices soon.

Montgomery D Bonner
6 months ago

All – YES, they will. If the headline on FBN site today is any indication oil might top 200 barrel before end of March. Hmmm, that is 10 gallon for gas, 12-14 gallon for diesel, and 6-8 for propane. Those prices keep me home I can tell you. RV industry will be crushed, the bankruptcies will mushroom, might not be one company left. Auto Industry crushed too. That will filter into rest of economy, and spread around world. 1929 will be a cake feed compared to the next one. Get ready. Oh, I forgot, all those green jobs will take up the slack. At 3-5 dollars a watt, solar and wind are the biggest scam on this planet, if you believe they will save us. I have several bridges to sell you, in NY, CA and AZ. Contact here.
6 months ago


BILLY Bob Thronton
6 months ago

Monti.. i already own the Brooklyn Bridge, what else ya got?

6 months ago

It seems to me that most of the campground traffic is on the weekends. The weekend campers (families) May be more affected by inflated values of all commodities and therefore left with fewer dollars for campers and camping. Just another bump in the road post pandemic.

Bob M
6 months ago

If fuel continues at today’s price of $4.29+ per gallon for gas and over $5.00+ gallon for diesel. As soon as some discover the fuel milage traveling with the RV’s they’ll be getting rid of or canceling orders.

6 months ago
Reply to  Bob M

High fuel prices could be a godsend for true RVers. Fewer COVID RVers on the road and therefore openings in RV parks. I’ve had a couple of disasters in my life that once I saw around the corner, things turned out for the better. I think we are too short sighted sometimes. “Sometimes we stare so long at the door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.” Alexander Graham Bell.

6 months ago

It’s about time. Maybe the price of fuel will also slow demand/production such that the workers don’t have to throw the units together.

Tommy Molnar
6 months ago
Reply to  JBalaz

Watching how quickly the price of fuel has skyrocketed (in some cases, by the hour!) I see this seriously putting the brakes on RV sales. Who wants to buy a 5 mpg motorhome when looking at over $5/gal fuel costs? Unnecessary as this “fuel crisis” is, I don’t see the fix coming anytime soon.

Bob p
6 months ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Not before Jan 20, 2025.

6 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

yeah – maybe some decent electric options by then. Need energy independence and get rid of the Russian transplants that used to run for office.

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