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Where do you usually store your RV when not using it?


Please do not respond if you are a full-timer.

Where do you keep your RV when you’re not camping or otherwise on the road? Do have a space right on your property, or maybe just leave it in your driveway, or do you pay to store it in a commercial RV storage facility? 

Please select the option that best applies to you. Feel free to leave a comment and/or check back later for updated results.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.


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J French
6 years ago

I added a 10 foot wide 45′ long separate driveway & purchases a 14 foot tall steel canopy alongside our home.
Fortunately in a small city in Louisiana, no worries about Homeowner Associations.
Rear camera’s enable backing into it perfectly with zero problems.

Gene Bennington
6 years ago

We store our 5th wheel outside at a commercial storage facility 40 minutes from home. Our HOA only allows campers/trailers to be on property for a couple of days in preparation for a trip. Only issue is our driveways are way too short so you need to park on street. Not wise!

6 years ago

In the garage.

Paul S.
6 years ago

We own a storage condo, 24 x 40, 14′ door !!!. Part of a 20 unit facility. 10 miles from home base.

6 years ago

We have a large enough driveway to park our motorhome without interfering getting our car & truck in and out of our 2-car garage. Very convenient and secure on our property. Would not want to keep it anywhere else. We live on Long Island in the state of NY. Been looking last few years around Florida (mostly on-line) for possible future relocation. Why is it that the “RV Friendly” state of Florida has so many restrictions for RV parking on one’s own property??

DC Davis
6 years ago

Unfortunately, we bought our house a couple years before we ever considered and bought an RV so, unfortunately, it wasn’t on our ‘wish list’. Because of that, we have to store it at a storage lot. 20+ miles away but the price is right. Guaranteed our next house will have room for the RV!

6 years ago

I used to use a commercial storage center as i could not maneuver the trailer into my backyard pad. But i discovered a device called Trailer Valet XL that now allows me to make the tight turns I could not before.

6 years ago

We found a canopy system thru Wal Mart and well, found out the poles are too short for the 20 x 8 trailer we have. So for the time we improvised and put wooden poles inside the existing poles to raise it. Now we bought pc piping and will use that next winter to keep it off the trailer. Last winter winds were nasty buggers. Hopefully this will do the trick. Wish us luck. The canopy unit is built around around our trailer on our driveway next to the house. Currently we took it down so we can pull it out and back in from each trip. I recommend the canopy system. But you will need new poles for the height. Good luck.

Sue and Jim
6 years ago

For many years we were able to leave our 5th-wheel on our rural property near the house so we could conveniently connect to water and electricity, load and unload the RV, etc. We even used the solar panels to power stuff in the house! We recently purchased a house in a planned community in GA (Peachtree City) that has more rules and regulations than we’ve ever seen before. We knew going into the deal that we couldn’t park our RV on our property any more. Since local RV storage is so expensive we’re currently storing the camper at Fort Benning about 90 minutes away — it’s much, much cheaper but a hassle hauling stuff back and forth when we take a trip. Full-time RVing the last 3 years was easier!

6 years ago

Our MH is stored at one of 4 (that I know about) underground cave complexes in the Kansas City Area. No UV damage. 60 degrees year around so no winterizing. Humidity controlled.

Paula C. Acconcia
6 years ago
Reply to  Chuck Woodbury

I also park my rv in a cave in kansas city. Not the cheapest but totally safe and the unit is in constant temp out of the elements. Will send some pics.

Tina&Rick Koenig
6 years ago

We had a 30×30 metal barn built on our property, before we ever purchased our Motorhome.

Jim Stevenson
6 years ago

We built a 42′ x 48′ post frame building for our motor home and other storage in the back yard.

6 years ago

Used to park in our driveway. New 5er didn’t fit so we parked across town. eventually all RV/boat storage locations in SF Bay Area (on the Peninsula) has been developed. Move to storage across the Bay, now it was sold for development ! 🙁 I park it in Morgan Hill an hour away for half the price but I have to be more thoughtful in planning when going in a different direction!

Diane M
6 years ago

Our trailer is under a metal roofed shelter next to a detached garage building about 40 yards from the back of our house, connected to 30 amp power outlet because we often use it for sleeping room when family visits.

Mike A.
6 years ago

Our trailer is parked on it’s own space next to our house, with it’s own 30A outlet. It’s convenient to just stock it and go when the mood hits us to go camping. We have thought about a fire ring, but that would be to close too the house.

6 years ago

In our pole barn a mile from my residence.

6 years ago

We live in a townhouse with a 16′ X 48′ garage for the coach with floor drain, 1/2 bath and 50A service and a 12′ X 18″ garage for the toad. We live above in out 1 BRm, 1 Bath apartment. The coach is the Sports Lounge and visitors quarters.

Lee Ensminger
6 years ago

In our 52X88 pole barn that we built to house our “toys.”

6 years ago

We built a cover for it last year. It is about 200′ or so from the house and very nice to not have to shovel the snow off the top. We live in the national forest and get anywhere from 8-14′ of snow a year.

Gene snyder
6 years ago

We have a covered area behind the garage for the RV.

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