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These RV news stories made the headlines, but how did they end?

Does anyone remember Paul Harvey and his famous program, The Rest of the Story?  If you never heard it, Paul Harvey (Aurandt) was an American radio broadcaster and from 1951 to 2008 he reached as many as 24 million people per week with his segment. The Rest of the Story was stories about little-known or forgotten facts on a variety of subjects.

Through the years, I have heard unbelievable RV news stories in the mainstream news. Like so many news stories, these incidents are all hot topics for one second, and the next we never hear what really happened. Like Paul Harvey, it would be great to have someone tell us the rest of these RV stories. So, I pulled together some top ones I heard over the last few years that never shared the endings. I’m hoping you may have heard the rest of the story and can let us in on the closing chapter.

RV news stories that made headlines

  • An RVer needs some coffee

    This story was released by The Wall Street Journal on July 8, 2020. A woman parks her RV safely at Starbucks because she knows it is too tall to go through the drive-through but she didn’t drive away so smoothly.

  • RV leads police chase

    NBC Los Angeles reported a police chase of a motorhome speeding down the road with two dogs inside. Charged with multiple accounts, including endangering animals, the driver pleaded not guilty.

  • RV driving on Its own

    According to the Suffolk Gazette, this RV driver is from Ipswich and relied on cruise control to drive while she made a cup of tea. Although Snopes reports that use of cruise control while driving an RV is made up, this news listing reports it as an actual event.

  • A donut shop gets an RV visit

    9 News reported in August 2022 in Lakewood, Colorado, that a Winchell’s Donut House had an RV crash into the building. We are told that staff and customers inside are not severely injured but there is no report on the driver—or if there was one. There was a dog inside the RV.

  • RV tows another RV during a police chase

    KCRA 3 reported an RV towing another RV was being chased by police in January 2020. The pursuit was around 10 miles per hour. They finally stopped on rims only after the police threw out spike strips. Wild and crazy driving in Sacramento, California, but we never heard what happened to the drivers and why there was a double RV towing going on.

  • Drive-thru gets an RV makeover

    Yuma Sun reports an RV driver decides he will maneuver through a Dairy Queen drive-thru lane and power through even though he can’t fit, on September 15, 2021. It was private property so the driver was not cited, but criminal charges could be pending.

If you know the rest of the story—please share it with us! We all know that learning from someone else’s experience is better than making our own mistakes. Although I hope we are all better and more knowledgeable drivers than these individuals, it can’t hurt.

All these stories are about side-tracked RV drivers and none of them resulted in serious injuries or death… I’m not trying to emphasize morbid, sad events. I want to draw attention to how we hear the dramatics but not the whole story. Not the positive endings or how everyone was OK after all the dust settled or sometimes just the why of it.

By the way, while researching these crazy RV driving stories, I came across an article titled, “Are self-driving RVs on the way?”  Before this research, I would not have hesitated to say it wasn’t a great idea. Funny, but after reading some of these news stories…I must wonder if it shouldn’t be required for some drivers…


Lucinda Belden
Lucinda Belden
Lucinda has been a full-time RVer since 2019. She draws daily inspiration from the full-time RV lifestyle, motorcycling and world travel expeditions. Lucinda is also a part-time Program Director for MyRVRadio, a non-stationary radio station for RVers broadcasting news, events, culture, expert advice, humor, and entertainment. As a skilled entrepreneur, promoter and travel industry consultant, Lucinda also organizes national events for the outdoor industry.


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1 month ago

This feature would be good if, like Paul Harvey, the “Rest of the Story” was already provided.

1 month ago
Reply to  Spike

The problem is, the rest can’t be found. I’m hoping commenters here know the rest of the story and fill us all in! Oh, yeah, she says that before AND after the bullet points!

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Thank you, Lucinda! I lived reading the names of all the correspondents and their beats for the Suffolk Gazette, which essentially demonstrated that it makes up all its stories.

Last edited 1 month ago by Neal Davis

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