Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Lucinda Belden

Lucinda has been a full-time RVer since 2019. She draws daily inspiration from the full-time RV lifestyle, motorcycling and world travel expeditions. Lucinda is also a part-time Program Director for MyRVRadio, a non-stationary radio station for RVers broadcasting news, events, culture, expert advice, humor, and entertainment. As a skilled entrepreneur, promoter and travel industry consultant, Lucinda also organizes national events for the outdoor industry.

Think something is wrong with your RV? Perhaps check your memory instead…

Have you ever wandered around your RV for at least thirty minutes or more looking for an object? My husband and I joke about...

Does RV size, age, REALLY matter?

We know size does matter when it comes to what campgrounds we want to get into. Or, if we want to boondock or stay...

Easy tips to help your pet adapt to the RV lifestyle

We don’t need a lot of statistics to tell us that pets are good for our health. They keep us active by taking care...

Nobody cares what you wear when you’re in the boonies!

I have never been a fashionista. I’m sure my friends would tell you I barely hang on by a thread (pun intended) to what...

Why my ‘caveman TV’ is better than any other TV

Campfire pits are the places we can gather around and share stories. I prefer adopting the term my brother uses for contained, shared fires—a...

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