See what a tire looks like from the inside when it’s rolling down the road


Roger Marble, our columnist and RV tire expert, sent along this fascinating video. It’s a view of a tire from inside it as it moves down the road.

How many of us have ever even thought about observing a tire from such a vantage point, much less how filming it could be accomplished?

For the video, a small GoPro camera with WiFi is securely mounted onto the tire’s rim where it will stay once the tire is re-mounted. A small LED light is attached (hey, it’s dark inside a tire), along with a portable power pack. The tire is then re-mounted. It’s fascinating to watch in real time as the tire deals with each bump and pothole. It gives you an appreciation of what a tire must endure day in and day out.

This video even shows what the tire looks like from the inside when it’s being mounted by a technician, and when air is released. Who knew?


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1 month ago

Amazing watching the flex with each revolution. Really explains how under inflation can be so detrimental. He was only going a few mph. Imagine that constant flex at 70 mph!

1 month ago

That was really cool! Thanks for posting.