Best ways to tow a vehicle behind a motorhome


What’s the best way to tow a vehicle behind a motorhome? Walter Cannon of the Recreational Vehicle Safety and Education Foundation explains the three most popular ways, citing each method’s advantages and disadvantages.

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John Koenig
2 months ago

You neglected to say that when using a tow dolly, there will be certain roads that do NOT allow use of tow dollies. The NJ Turnpike quickly comes to mind; there ARE other roads in other states that ban the use of tow dollies on certain roads (usually limited access highways) as well. I learned of this restriction when I was considering the purchase of a tow dolly (an RV repair shop owner mentioned this “gotcha” which I WAS able to confirm online). Most people have NO idea that this restriction exists until they’re cited for it. Said restriction seems to be a well kept secret and, RVers who use tow dollies may have to do extensive research to learn exactly which roads they need to avoid.

Bob Robinson
2 months ago

WD 40 is a water dispenser and really not an oil..but it will work for many applications but best for what it’s designed..I like Amsoil Metal protector and sometimes silicone base products work great also but for sure WD40 is not a cure all oil product..Enjoyed the vehicle towing video..learned a little and nice job by the fellow..

John Koenig
2 months ago
Reply to  Bob Robinson

I seriously doubt that WD40 DISPENSES water. I do think that it disperses / excludes water.