Wednesday, November 29, 2023


RV Tire Safety: Beware of tire advertising claims

with RV tire expert Roger Marble

I read this recently on an RV forum:

I am using Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire … I think it is a good tire for my trailer. These tires have an added protection against the heat with built-in weathering and ozone protection. And with the summer months getting into their absolute hottest parts, this feature could be a nice addition to have in my trailer tires. Additionally, these tires have interconnected tread blocks that I find encouraging. See, this interconnected tread blocks ensure the tread will last for a longer time and that’s something I find it very intriguing.”

I have nothing against Carlisle.  I do find the ability of copywriters to make features common to almost all tires sound unique and special. I do question the ability of anti-ozone waxes and oils to provide any “protection against heat” – and I consider that claim a serious stretch. I would love to see any test data that supported that claim.

Be a smart shopper and don’t fall for slick promotional claims. Ask to see the data and results from direct comparison tests. You will many times just get the sound of crickets.


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Roger Marble
Roger Marble
Retired Tire Design and Forensic Engineer w/50+ years of experience. Currently has Class-C RV. Previous Truck Camper, Winny Brave, Class-C & 23'TT. Also towed race car w/ 23' open trailer and in 26' Closed trailer. While racing he set lap records at 6 different tracks racing from Lime Rock CT to Riverside CA and Daytona to Mosport Canada. Gives RV and Genealogy Seminars for FMCA across the USA. Taught vehicle handling to local Police Depts



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Mojo (@guest_82068)
3 years ago

Roger, Excellent reminders, Thank You.

peterb (@guest_81916)
3 years ago

Nothing but LT’s for several years and on several trailers, not one problem.

Crowman (@guest_81850)
3 years ago

ANY tire from CHINA is crap and I can guarantee it’s not a matter of if but when it will blow up damaging anything in its way. I, like many switched to light truck tires like Michelin’s and have had no problems since.

Roger Marble (@guest_82220)
3 years ago
Reply to  Crowman

Sorry, but i have to disagree. I have tested a number of tires made in China and found that when properly loaded and inflated they perform similarly to tires made at plants with Zip codes in Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the US. The key is properly loaded and inflated. RVs are notorious for being overloaded and underinflated coupled with extreme side loading which can only lead to shorter life.

Donald N Wright (@guest_81775)
3 years ago

The next set of tires I buy for my Aliner will come from Goodyear, they now make tires for small RV’s and offer road hazard packages. The tires I bought from Firestone were supposed to have road hazard, but after the sale & installation….ah gee whiz…Also Carlisle tires.

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