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4 years ago

Sue Bray WAS Good Sam as far as I’m concerned, it has become a worthless organization under the direction of Marcus Lemonis – a useless a**hat.

James H Wright Sr
4 years ago

As a full timer for 10 years and a workamper for the last three at KOA campgrounds, I have seen it all. I was considering a new fifth wheel until this summer as I read more and more about poor unit quality and the stories of campers as they pass through the campground. I work outside, escorting to sites, cleaning campsites (fire rings, etc), all those jobs no one else wants to do. More and more as a new unit pulls in I will comment on the beauty of the unit and the typical response is, “Yes we love it EXCEPT . . .” and the list includes every kind of faulty equipment.

Think I’ll stick with my 6 year old fifth wheel made by Excel (now out of business) which was built with quality workmanship and materials.

Regarding the actions of some adults, the scary thing is that some of them vote. No wonder this nation is in trouble.

Paul Woska
4 years ago

I see most of the Walmart’s along RT 80 in Pennsylvania no longer allow over night stays.

4 years ago

I was very happy to read the news about the Banff Mounties who issued tickets to campers for improper camp site maintenance. I just hope the Judge sees this as a problem and levies a heavy fine. Recently there have been problems by campers in the US National Parks, why cant the Park Rangers to the same. Mandatory appearance with heavy fines. Maybe people will begin to read the posted signs and remember that a fine could really be costly.

4 years ago

We are retirees that just purchased our first MH. We are reading each article with great interest and at times wonder what we have gotten into. – even with all the research we did. Although we are MH newbies we come with many similarities having been boaters for 40+ years. In the boating industry we had BOAT US representing boaters interest on capital hill. They have over A half million dues paying members. RV’rs are double the number of boaters – they could provide double the support. I hope someone of influence can get something going sooner than later for the RV industry or you will be writing the same articles next year

Doug Spencer
4 years ago

We echo your comments about the crowding of parks and lack of spaces for Rv’rs. My wife and I found a gem of a state park in Virginia called Twin Lakes State Park. Nice wooded campground, clean, etc. etc. Virginia spends a lot on upkeep of their state parks and I would encourage more RV’rs to visit Virginia and its wonderful state parks.

Gary Avery
4 years ago

Also your article this week was great but it’s like Clinton and Trump: money always wins. What RVers need is a well-paid team of lawyers to get some very large settlements before things will ever change. We all know the government does not care.

Gary Avery
4 years ago

Could you have an interview with an executive from Walmart asking why such a change in their policy on overnighters. We stop at Walmarts from Maine to Texas each year meet a lot of good people who usually stay near you. We also do all our grocery shopping; or have one of their precooked chickens . We always clean our area and Always Ask Permission before setting up. When we get to Texas we do all our grocery shopping at Walmart also alot of other things TV for one. Please explain to Walmart true RV’s respect the Walmart property. We would like to continue.

Jim Anderson
4 years ago

Your right about Good Sam abandoning it’s advocacy roll.
It quickly became a sham and non existant when they sold out to Lemonis..

Seem’s to me an RV owners advocacy group would be a real boon to RV’ers.

Patrick Granahan
4 years ago
Reply to  Jim Anderson

Good Sam is all about selling stuff at Camping World…nothing else matters to them.

We need an active organization to represent our rights and interests.

The RV manufacturers will continue to produce
low quality products and resist “Lemon Laws”.
If Toyota and Honda made RVs things would be different. Every year the major RV makers have less and less competitors.

4 years ago

Toyota and Honda have had their share of recall problems during the last ten years.

Jason Reich
4 years ago

You’re editorial talks about the lack of organizations looking out for RVers. You should take a closer look at Escapees and the advocacy that they are doing and have done. They are tackling many of the same topics that you mention that Good Sam used to do.