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Kenny C
4 years ago

We purchase a new 2014 Thor Hurricane. It had and has many issues. Slide had to be repaired twice, still not sealing well, exterior ladder loosens up has to be tightened occasionally, wallpaper is wrinkled at each cabinet and is pealing in many places, dash light were out when handed over to us, staple underneath dinette slide had gouged a hole in the floor, like another reader I must always carry toothpicks and glue to make repairs to cabinet hinges as wood is cheap, wrong pressure set to the propane regulator from the factory, so we lost ability to heat the coach first time out, windows rattle, water leaked into back-up lights I repaired that myself, TV connections are poor at best we get a snowy picture, front end alignment was off at delivery, plastic bathroom faucet broke, many leftover screws and sawdust found inside cabinetry, some screws not fully tightened or seated or missing altogether, toilet water supply had leak. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things. I plan to stay away from Thor in the future which may be tough as they seem to own most brands now.

Jim Pettigrew
4 years ago

I have a Keystone Cougar trailer that I purchased new in 2014 from Camping World, St
Augustine, FL
To date we have used it for about 6 months and it has been trouble free .

4 years ago

I have had good luck getting warranty items fixed at Transwest truck RV in Fredrick Colorado.

4 years ago
Reply to  Mumbles

Thank you, will keep them in mind

Rob Humphrey
4 years ago


I have a Jayco 2015 5ver bought new and have always had great service from my dealer, Cunningham Campers outside Louisville, and the corporate office up in Elkhart County. The 2 year warranty that Jayco gives with each rig is clearly needed. Even after thorough research into build quality and design, our unit has had its issues, but both the dealer and the maker have completely backed-up its product and made it whole. Only concern I have now is how Thor may have a negative affect on Jayco as its new parent. TIme will tell. I’m seriouly thinking that if I were to do it over, I’d get a 3-5 year old unit with all the problems resolved.

4 years ago

Purchased a 2006 Dutchman 18b at the Hershey Rv show. No issues other than the drawer glides came loose. Repaired with real glides and hangars. 2007 started looking to upgrade. A Sunline seemed like a good choice considering price and quality. However by the time I was ready they stopped manufacturing them..2009 looked at a sunset creek by sunnybrook at a local dealer. Looked to be a well built unit. The local dealer wouldn’t budge on price, so we went to the Hershey Rv show to look. Went to Ansley Rv out of Duncansville, pa , , site to get a price from them for the same unit. Without any dickering, they were 4000 dollars less. Needless to say we bought it on the spot. The sunset creek is a very solid unit, and we have had no issues whatsoever. Unfortunately they sold out to Winnebago, and their units don’t compare with the sunset creek.

randy moss
4 years ago

My 2014 Tiffin 36La has only had two trivial problems that the dealer repaired under warranty. otherwise it’s been a pleasure.

Vic Mazzaro
4 years ago

We bought a Palomino Puma in 2012 model 19RL. It has been a wonderful RV. I have only done the normal maintenance and Winterizing. No Problems, everything has worked great. I did buy an extended warrantee but have never had to use it. It is built very well and not cheaply made like some of the newer RV’s of today. I will be looking to buy a new one soon and hope that I can find one just as good as I have now, so I will look at the Palomino Puma first.

Kent & Pam Halley
4 years ago

Our 2013 Forest River Wildcat has had more issues than I can possibly post. We would be in the “poor house” if we hadn’t purchased an extended warranty. We aren’t talking minor issues….on August 4th we had a severe breakdown which resulted in major damage. Our maintenance records saved us as far as the insurance covering the claim but Forest River’s LACK of customer service have us still waiting for parts in order for the RV to be repaird! Our 5th wheel has been in the shop for 2 months and still waiting for parts. We will NEVER purchase another Forest River product!!

Kent & Pam Halley
4 years ago

By the way, we purchased it new!!

Russell Hutchison
4 years ago

We are thinking about getting a windjammer 3029w made by Forest River…. should I be looking some place else?

4 years ago

I have a Sundance by Heartland. It’s a 2014 model, purchased in 2016 (new). There are a few “little” issues. The most frustrating was the door lock. It failed in the locked position. I can’t blame the dealer or manufacturer. We will take it back to the dealer for the warranty work later this month.

Mel Goddard
4 years ago

I’m on my fourth towable RV now and so far:
The first one, a new from the factory ,Star craft pop up had so many snags that I lost ten days vacation time to make it ROADWORTHY.
And then had a problem in Gander Newfoundland requiring a fix at the camp grounds workshop.
The second, a Hi’Lo was pretty good. Minor interior snags fixed by me, I kept it for six years.
The third, a25′ Airstream had many issues, but the dealer, CanAm was great about it. But….
I didn’t like the ‘East-West’ bed so..
My fourth, a 30′ Airstream had minor interior snags, some I fixed myself, and is a very good and comfortable home away from home.
CamAm is great at keeping me going.

Dan n
4 years ago

My problem with 2 rv’s we’ve owned is the cheep thin wood used inside. Cabinet doors break apart. Hinge screw holes strip out. I carry a supply of tooth picks, epoxy, screws, and wood clamps. Than once I proped up against the head board of the bed and was poked by staples poking through. I guess it’s built to be lite so everything is thin and cheep.