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Debbie Hansen
3 years ago

Chuck! I just spent an enjoyable hour or so perusing this wonderful site. So much GREAT info you share! Everything from tips to quick links to order stuff on ….I also took the time to give a donation of $25 I am a single tight budget RV person new to it all. I have a tiny rig only 15 ft but I still get great info and appreciate all you and your staff does. I am looking forward to more trips in early retirement 5 years from now. Meanwhile I am learning all I can and your newsletter is helping alot. Thanks !!!

Mitchell Reeves
3 years ago

Contact: Death Valley Natural History Association, 800-478-8564, ext. 10

UPDATE as of 3/6/2017: All Scotty’s Castle Flood Recovery Tours this spring are sold out. We hope to be able to offer this again in the fall.

3 years ago

In teresting articleon Wildwood Recreation area, wgich by the way is a wonderful place. I camp hosted there for 2 seasons, 08 and 09. The locals in the are contributed nothing to the maintenence of the park. There waas an honor system for parking in the parking lots in the park, $5. The locals would park on the exterior road and walk in. The kids in the area plugged the toilets and urinals. They used the rolled toilet paper to plug the toilets.There are 5 camphost sites there, WES on asphalt pads. There were satellite dishes there as well when I left. The park was very well maintained, trashed empty everyday, tables cleaned etc. The lady who was our boss, I believe her name was Donna Hansen, kept the place spic and span and all the camphost loved her. Then for some reason management decided not to bring her back, even though she had been there for a couple years. Sad that the park then fell in to mismanagement in my opinion. we returned for visits a couple of times and were amazed at what the place looked like, not for the better.

Michael Butts
3 years ago

Regarding the FMCA and Good Sam clubs, I’m a member of both, but have found that membership is mainly people my parents’ age and I’m 53!

If you read Trailer Life, Motorhome, or the FMCA monthly, all the rally participants appear to be 20+ years older than my wife and I. I have a lot of trouble relating.

It would be tough getting people that work full time and have kids to make the trek cross country to attend a rally with such an age difference.

DL Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Michael Butts

I would echo these sentiments. We are new RV owners (also in our 50’s) who joined FMCA. Just came back from our first-ever rally in Chandler. While most of the people we met were lovely, the activities, products and seminars are definitely skewed to the much older/retired crowd. We took a week off of work to attend this but are unlikely to do so again.

3 years ago

Your joke is no joke 2 of my friends did the exact same thing in the 50s except back in those days the cop did not have radar, he just knew they were going to fast
Also I have a bumper sticker that fixes my too small engine. On the back of my trailer bumper I have I am sorry to be so slow but am pedaling as fast as I can

Ron Happe
3 years ago

We would like some information about
the Rally in Hershey PA. Is there camping there are near there?

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
3 years ago
Reply to  Ron Happe

A Thousand Trails is a 20 minute ride away. HersheyPark has a campground right near the show, but it will book up fast (request a spot AWAY from the railroad tracks). You can always dry camp at the event, where there is always space. I think it’s $15 to $20 a night, maybe less.

3 years ago
Reply to  Chuck Woodbury

We camp at the Elizabethtown KOA. Great people and very nice facility.

Roy Shaw
3 years ago

Everyone reads something on the road, how about a section here”What’s in your library”
Mostly Rv related maps,repair books and etc.
I’ve started mine with Next Exit, Firearms laws and Road Trip USA.

Ian S. Anderson
3 years ago

In RV Tech Tips, “Never use any harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners that can scratch or damage ABS, plastic and fiberglass finishes. Some wet wipe products work well on these surfaces, but avoid using bleach. ”

You should get rid of this individual, he makes many statements that are completely false.

This is not the first time I have taken you and him to task.

Mel Goddard
3 years ago

What ever are you talking about?
The above advice seems to be pretty basic common sense!

Barry Kanne
3 years ago

Just a quick editorial comment:

The following line from the ad for the tire pressure gauge is missing the words “to turn” after the word “forget”.

If you forget it off it will do so automatically.

Thanks for a great weekly update on our RV lifestyle.