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Very cool polling software..

Matt Colie

I was in a location with limited bandwidth last weekend. I wanted to comment on your cost of a campsite survey.

To us it is not a straight dollar issue. It is a value issue. There have been places that were over charging at $15 for a flat place (not level) with no services. And another place was 22.50 for a quiet FHU site.

I collect all of them and write about the ones I can.


For that price you could park your rig somewhere and stay in an upscale hotel in or near Newport Beach. Probably even save some money.

James Blake

My wife and I spent 7 weeks on a trip to Alaska from Pensacola, FL. In this entire time we spent 5 nights at a campground in Denali as we went there twice. Throughout Canada and Alaska we would be driving and see a beautiful scene or some wildlife and we pulled over and camped. Never left anything but our tire tracks, but had the most wonderful trip in a lifetime.

Ray Zimmermann

Wow, $479 a night . . .I guess you can charge as much as you want as long as somebody is willing to pay it, which there apparently is. We stayed at Newport Dunes for 4 or 5 nights in 2003. Don’t remember what we paid, probably thought at the time it was outrageous, but nothing like now.


Sort of like staying at Fargo-La-Margo or whatever the place is in Trumpistan and then bragging to the poor-folks that you stayed there. You hear it all the time, “We stayed in bla-blah” while they are sitting outside their motor home that they can have because the Government subsidies the oil companies and builds super highways so you can even drive them and provides cheap camping on public lands and keeps ocean shores public. If you’re dumb enough to pay for it.

Dan Peelman

Chuck: I liked your amazement in this week’s article regarding Newport Dunes. My wife loves the ocean and Balboa, so we have used Newport Dunes a number of times over the years. But, you are right – it is extraordinary expensive and you get little for the astronomical prices! When we go there, I always feel like I have been ripped off.

J. davis

I like reading this news letter. So I subscribed to Overnight RV Parking . It’s a horrible site to navagate around. Then after checking so many green spots. I learned nothing new. These are places that all Rver’s know about. I really feel I wasted my 27 dollars. Oh well live and learn. Not 1 place I didn’t know about.