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3 years ago

Re: supplementary braking systems.
I was on a workamping assignment just south of San Jose, CA. A Southwind pulled in to register for a site. When they came out of the office I proceeded to escort them to their site. They walked to the back of their RV and started to become very excited. There was no vehicle there. Their toad was gone. Now I had a Southwind RV as well. I know when I am towing and when I am not.

I proceeded to help them by using my car and retracing their route. We drove for maybe 20 miles and there was no sign of their toad. Upon returning to the park, they got in their RV and drove off to find their toad. As it was, they found it in the middle of a farmers field about 30 miles back. The hitch had completely sheared off. It suffered only a little damage.

I began to think of the potential damage it could have caused. They had all the right equipment and it all failed. Now I check and double check my hookup all the time.

Billy Bob Thorton
3 years ago

Did I miss this weeks internet sites of interest section.

john hiler
3 years ago

Wait – wait, that can’t be true, Wyoming, the most Republican state in the Union dealing with China, I call Fake News on that. That’s not Making America Great – Again…

Susan Smith
3 years ago

Could you please post again on how to clean sensors in black water tank. I missed how much dawn to use. Don’t want bubbles coming out of my toilet.
Thank you

Bill Semion
3 years ago

This is in re: the electric heat option mentioned: For 9.95, i purchased a small, thermostatically controlled ceramic heater. Don’t get one without a thermostat or it may make the RV too warm. I use it when plugged in. An inexpensive solution.

Bob Godfrey
3 years ago

For Mark Polk.

Re: supplementary braking systems. I purchased and use a brake system while towing our Honda CRV but have encountered many, many other RVers who do not and who often state “you can hardly even feel the car back there so I don’t need one” We live in our Class A motorhome and my position, besides the safety issue was always that if I should happen to be involved in an accident and the insurance company found that I was not in compliance with state law (anything over 3000lbs in our state) that they might not cover the claim. Having done more research and finding that most states have a similar requirement is there any data that supports my position that insurance companies might not pay off in the event of an accident? Just curious.

Lew McCool
3 years ago

I’m glad you decided to go for the total eclipse, Chuck. I hope you agree it was worth the effort. My best friend from college and I made a pact 50 years ago to reunite for this event. I drove from Cortez, CO, and he drove from Cumberland, MS. We met in Guernsey State Park, WY. It was amazing! We are now planning for 2024.