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2 years ago

I seen an article in this issue by a man named Phil E.
about my frig not working properly in the winter. He says to put duct tape over the upper vents but I don’t know where the upper vents are that he’s talking about. Is there a way that I can contact him to find out.

Patti and Brad Lounsbury
3 years ago

Well, it has been another great year full of fun and helpful information, thank you so very much. It gives such a wonderful feeling of community and we are looking forward to reading and trying out the good advice in 2018. Have a fantastic New Year everyone!

Dennis Hengstebeck
3 years ago

Thanks folks, another great read. Stay warm, stay safe, and HaPpY New Year.

Dennis in Kerrville @Take It Easy

3 years ago

The editorial on comericial flights is so on for me. I am 6’ 4” tall and no longer fit in the seat spacing that is currently being sold by today’s airlines. I would rather drive for two days than fly for 2hours! I don’t see why any larger person would get on a flight today . Today’s airline seat are only fit for a small person who weighs less than 140 lb. and is shorter than 6’ 0”. As a 25 or 30 year old I enjoyed flying all over this country for my employer. I did at least a half dozen flights a year usually in uncrodewed plaines an with a seat in the exit row with extra leg room. I did this for most of a. 35 year career. Today even first class seating is way to small| as I foun out on my last flight in 2003.

3 years ago

In regards to the American Flag? If Trump can build his 30 foot flag pole and fly it higher then anyone else by building a mound and posting it there then why can’t Camping World. Sounds like we have some liberals who do not like our flag. Time to rethink what is patriotic and what is not. The bigger the better I say.

Gail Anderson
3 years ago

I want to purchase one of those maps where you put stickers of states you’ve been in, but our travel trailer is corrugated. Will it stick?

3 years ago
Reply to  Gail Anderson

We used a paint stick to help smooth it into the grooves. Some of it came loose but it is still there a year later. We have no problems with ours. Even attached the Canadian one as well. Good luck.

Michael R Palmer
3 years ago

It will be interesting to see how the 2018 Tax Reform will affect the RV industry. Being discussed, is not allowing any interest deductions for all RV’s that are not self propelled. If you have a travel trailer or 5th wheeler, the interest on the loan will no longer be deductible as a second home. Motor home loans are still OK for now.

john stahl
3 years ago

Hi Chuck,
If you come by Pearland, Texas, please stop and visit. I too would like to meet you and Gail.

Charles Yaker
3 years ago

One of your adds for “Popular highway guide Next EXIT published for 2018
The ever-popular Next EXIT Directory, “

IMHO Is an example of the deteriorating. RV sceane. There used to be a better formatted exit guide called “The exit Authority “ listings were by Highway not state so I95 started in Maine and ended in Florida and you didn’t have to skip around to find you’re exit information. it went under then was reborn and eventually bought out by Camping World and immediately closed down again. For whatever reason somebody not necessarily the consumer likes the “Next Exit “ more

James Y. Gochnauer
3 years ago
Reply to  Charles Yaker

“The Exit Authority “was by far the better directory and much easier to use. Years ago I contacted the publisher but they had no plans to re-publish another issue. Some people keep their old copies and write in updates and changes they notice. Maybe Chuck Woodbury can check into it and see if it can be re-issued. We would certainly appreciate it. Jim G. – Ohio

Erin James
3 years ago

I know a little bit about what is involved in putting together a weekly newsletter, so to say that I’m impressed with RVTravel is an understatement.

I truly appreciate both the level of journalism and the content provided. Thank you and your staff, and best wishes for a great new year.

3 years ago
Reply to  Erin James

Erin, I know nothing of putting together a newsletter but I do know about timelines. Kudos to all the RV Newsletter staff for an excellent weekly product.. It continually amazes me how they get so much great content done and published every 7 days.

3 years ago

The 12/29/17 Fire Safety article reminded me of a clothing article and flammability ratings of material. I have a wood stove and will burn some old clothing with wood. For example T shirts and other high cotton clothing. The flames are amazing. So, I was curious on the clothing and risk of wearing during fire. I can only say, that most women’s light and loose clothing is a easy torch. Synthetic material is petro based and especially flammable. Loose knit, light, and airy type clothing can burst into flames. Synthetic material will melt and stick to skin for horrendous burn as the material directly transfers burning heat to skin.
What is the best material? Animal based material such as wool. Cotton burns very well. Best material is heavy or thick with dense weave. Clothing should not be wet as the eventual steam will do more harm than direct flame contact.
Since I’m an Engineer with a habit of always inventing, I’m thinking a custom wool blanket would be very useful. Maybe a round blanket that one could flip over head and center with blanket edges touching floor. Wool is a material fire fighters use with special fire retardant. This blanket would trap an air pocket of cooler and fresher air for breathing. Smoke and heat go up and the blacket separates oneself from this danger zone. A dry blanket would give a few minutes of safety to walk out out even within flames. Even if wearing problem clothes the blanket will protect you. Really, some of the clothes we wear are just dangerous around any flame. This clothing would burst into flame and make quick work of losing survivability.

Jerry Collis
3 years ago

Hey Chuck,
I’m curious where you are currently staying. You mentioned that you are near Kerrville, TX. We are currently in Boerne, TX at the Top of the Hill RV Resort. A great place to stay. Would enjoy the opportunity to meet up and share a story or two over coffee.