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RV Travel Reader Pets Issue 26

The pets of readers

dog and photographer - leftDo you travel with a pet? We’d love to introduce your pet(s) to fellow readers. Here’s what we need: a photo or two of Fido or Boots (or you with your pet) and a 150-200 word description of your furry friend(s) — name, breed, age, how long you have traveled together, what makes them special? Go ahead and brag about them if you wish! Do you have any tips for other RVing pet lovers about traveling with pets that you’ve learned along the way? Don’t forget to give us your name(s) and hometown. Send to Diane(at) .

Issue 26; Posted June 18, 2016

Pets-Shemack-6-4-2016From John and Terry Shemack, Babylon, New York

This is Bolo, a 4-year-old Boston terrier. We got her from the Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue when we were in Alabama in April 2016.

Bolo is a sweet little girl that loves people. We are very happy to have Bolo join our family.

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From Matthew and Mary Colie

Pets-Colie-5-28-2016-bedYou got to meet Cadeau (French for “gift”) last year in the Reader Pets feature. Cadeau is a rescue dog that came to us when she was about a year old. She has lived with us for nine years. We believe she is a black Lab/rottweiler mix. Mary decided she needed a playmate so we looked at several and Cadeau picked Minnie. That means that now we travel with about 100 pounds of dog (75 + 25). They can’t be any relation, but they get on like siblings.  Can you guess why we always leave the floor lights on?

Pets-Colie-5-28-2016-table The favorite dog-riding place is on the bed all the way in the back of the coach … until we slow down and put on a turn signal, then they are up front to see what is happening. The dinette becomes the den for both of them as soon as we are stopped and I unload the bicycles.

Both are wearing their red harnesses, and they both know what it means (“going with”) when we get those out. Both harnesses also have large tags with contact information. They are chipped, but when they make a new friend someone can call me. I suggest this to others as it has been a good thing when Miss C got loose and lost. One time we left Cadeau outside the coach (hot and dry camping) at a music festival and she broke her chain. Yes, broke the chain and came into the venue to find us. An event person saw the tag and rang my cell. “You forgot your dog!!” We were much relieved, as we had made it back to the coach to find no dog when the call came in.



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