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Issue 1011 • December 3, 2018

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Taking the chill off bedroom walls

Tom Phipps writes about a problem … and a fix: “In our motorhome, we were always rolling against the cold walls in the bedroom. I went to one of the big box stores, bought some very thin carpeting and double-sided taped it to the wall. Problem solved, no cold wall.” Thanks Tom!

RV repair “truths”

Three out of every 10 RVs will have a major breakdown by their second year on the road. This jumps to eight out of 10 by their fifth year, and nearly every RV by their eighth year in-service! Claims statistics show the average cost of RV repair is $300 per hour between parts and labor. Are you banking ahead for your next bill? You should be!

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Today’s brain teaser: How can you add eight 8’s to get the number 1,000? (only use addition). Answer below.


Office “mod” for your RV

Need an office spot in your rig but not sure where to put it? Fernando FJ Fernandez‎ on Facebook’s RV Tips forum did this: “Wife and I both work from home and needed a better work area. Took out the dinette and replaced it with a desk we found on OfferUp. Not a perfect match color wise but close enough.” For a bigger picture, check out the post here.

De-fog your RV headlights

Here’s a tip from Curtis Mcree when dealing with “fogged” headlight covers: “Use WD40 to spray on headlight cover. Wipe off with clean cloth, then spray the other. Works great. Mine were really bad. I sprayed them and now they’re clear. This will last about a month, then spray them again.”
Thanks Curtis!

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Christmas RVDecorate your RV for Christmas

In the Christmas spirit yet? If not, decorating your RV will get you there! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, decorating your RV with winter-themed decorations can be just as cozy.

Have you decorated your RV? Send a picture to emily(at)rvtravel.com and we may share it. We want to see!

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A man and his wife were sitting in the living room and he said to her, “Honey, just so you know, I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just please pull the plug.” His wife got up, unplugged the TV and threw away his beer.

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Wayne Caldwell

Sorry, previously commented.

Kenneth Serr

A comment on the headlights that are foggy. I used 1000 grit wet or dry sand paper and sanded until the water coming off the headlight was clear instead of brownish. Then I dried the headlights and masked off the fender and grill around it . I sprayed the lights with clear lacquer from a big box store. after drying (about half hour) I removed the masking tape and paper, they were clear and this has lasted for two years and still looks great.
Pastor Ken Serr

Edwin Stephens

I answered the language as 1. However I speak enough English to get by there. I speak several dialects of Southern and can converse in some dialects of Yankee. So I can get a round in this country pretty well.


Non fluently, I know enough words to be polite in 3 languages besides my native English


I speak fluent english and some Canadian.

Gene Bjerke

I answered the language question with “one,” though I often claim that I can speak two languages fluently, English and Nautical (which is basically a separate language).

Wayne Caldwell

Does speaking ‘Sarcasm’ fluently count as a 2nd language. If it does, I’m bilingual.


Define “fluent”. Using the words “uno cerveza por favor” and “banos” gets me around Mexico just fine. Does that count?


Regarding the article about RV’s breaking down at two years and on…if they were built right to begin with..they would go at least 5 years before needing much.We had a 12 year old Hitchhiker that had many miles on it…all it needed was new brakes and tires,unlike most of the JUNK being stuffed in our gullets now.Sure wish Nu-Wa was still building them.

joe hofstede

You forgot none (languages spoken fluently)


Thank you for darkening the text. Today’s newsletter is much easier to read.

Irv Kanode

If attaching carpet to walls, make sure it has a high fire rating. Carpet installed flat on the floor doesn’t burn easily, move it to a wall and it can become a torch in seconds. It’s best to test a sample that’s at least 6″ tall and light it at the bottom to see how fast the flame moves up.

Herb Dinken

As the old joke goes, if you can speak 3 languages you’re “tri-lingual, if you can speak 2 languages you’re bi-lingual and if you only speak one language, you’re American.

Patti Panuccio

Type is much better, I can read it without strain.


My wife actually speak 2 language as we are deaf plus that we can speak and do also America Sign Language too to communicate with our deaf friends.