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Becky Wadley

Thanks for the link back! We have a super small camper and space is at a premium, even for weekend trips (which we do A LOT!). 🙂

Jim Schrankel

Yea, the new format is great, aside from a few glitches, but my biggest gripe is the faint type. The Escapees magazine went to the same type recently as well. Problem is your readership demographic is probably 50+ and our eyes are not as efficient as they used to be!

Kim Christiansen

Hi Jim, We’re mostly over 50 as well 🙂 That’s great feedback. The typeface we’re using is one that is supposed to be “accessible” – but those definitions are probably made by younger folk as well. And as I type this it’s clear to see that the response box has a grey type color, and not solid black. We’ll get on this and see what we can do about making it easier to read. It may take a bit to determine what font and sizes go where (we have mobile, desktop and tablet users) but I’ve added it to our… Read more »


The new site is very nice on my Android phone. However, that said, I hate change! I always like the old no matter how bad it may be. I always figure a way around the bad. I will get use to the new and will hate when you want to improve it. LOL.


“motorHOME” is the industry term. Thus a home. I have lived in a stick built house my entire life thus far. In the very near future, my wife and I will be full-time RVers and still working ‘normal’ jobs. Not camping, but living/traveling with all our wants and needs with us. OCD suited living. Let it be!

Kevin in MN

While camping our way through the southwest U.S. this past year, staying at National Parks and Forest facilities (reserved months in advance while planning our trip) we encountered MANY folks in various “RV’s” that were well worn at best, often dilapidated and seemingly non-road-worthy. Stopping at Walmart’s for re-supply we were often approached by van-dwellers panhandling and appealing to our sense of being part of their nomadic tribe. I’ve since learned there are thousands of these “nomads” (just search RV nomads on YouTube) who travel in packs and consider themselves “full-time RV’ers”. I’ve got no more in common with these… Read more »

Steven Scheinin

I have been “full timing” for 3 years now. That is, I live in my RV 365 days a year, traveling all over the continent. I am insured with GEICO, who insures full timers. My understanding is that the reason all RV’s are classified as recreational vehicles, 3 seasons, is that if you classified them as full time you have to building them according to the building code.

John Hiler

Why would you even think that full time travel is a modern phenomena? It is one of man’s oldest traits. Cave men moved all the time. The gypsies of Europe still travel the countries. In Mongolia it is a way of life. In the Americas many of the tribes, especially in the west were always moving with the seasons, the food supply, the need for new gossip and just to be moving. Some folks just have it in their genes, and itchy feet…


I like the new format but I really hate having to read stories by either opening up a new window or being taken to the article. Any chance some of the smaller items can be added to the core of the newsletter or as I have seen elsewhere a down arrow that opens / expands the article in same page that you are on? A couple of items today opened in new windows while others replaced the newsletter and had to use the back button to return to the newsletter. Since I read this on a computer, I prefer a… Read more »

Ralph Terry

I right click on the link and a menu opens. I click on “Open Link in New Tab.” You can also “Open Link in New Window.”

Steven Scheinin

I agree with Dennis. The first thing I do when I open the newsletter is to go to reader view to take away a lot of the clutter.

Kim Christiansen

Hi Steven, I use reader view myself when I’m trying to read a lot of text. It’s really useful. For those that don’t know about this feature of your browser, in the address box (or right next to it) there is usually an icon that shows up that looks like a page with text on it. Clicking that gives you a clear view of the page and makes the text larger! Great for us folks with three sets of glasses!


I agree. Mildly inconvenient.

Kim Christiansen

Hi Dennis, Typically, links will open in the same window and take you to another section of our website. Everything is organized by categories and tags, so depending on the story, our newsletter typically links you to the page on our site and opens that page in the same window. Sometime’s we’ll open a link in a new window (it’s an option) but usually that’s a link to an external site, not Things are a little mixed up at the moment, this is a huge project for our small team, so maybe we’re missing something. I do like the… Read more »


I like the new design but I do not like the constant pop up of another item (which I have already read) on the right side. Very annoying. Also when I click on “read the story here” type of link, I wish it would open in a new tab, although it is not difficult to go back to the main page, I just forget I have to do it. Otherwise, I’m still enjoying reading this newsletter each week and also the daily blurbs too. Keep on keepin’ on! Hope all y’all have a great, happy holiday season!

Dave B.

That “continuing” pop-up is extremely annoying, to say the least.
Otherwise, your new design newsletter is right-on !!

Kim Christiansen

Hi Linda,
Yes, it WAS annoying. It’s out of here! We were hoping to give you a little more access to stories related to the one you were reading. But that said, it wasn’t supposed to comeback once you closed it.

We’ll figure out a better way to do that without irritating our readers (and ourselves when we’re working on a story).

Sometimes the best intentions meet up with technology that doesn’t quite cut it.

Frank Busalacchi

Chuck and Staff, Looks great, feels great. The kinks will work themselves out over time. Love it.

Charles Berg

I really like the new format, I usually read it on my Kindle and it fit perfectly.

Pat H. Smith

Welcome back to the great state of Washington. We live in Anacortes. Early in my life I traveled with my husband for work all around the USA. With 2children. You miss a home base. An RV is not a home ,but a temporary residence. Glad you had a great time. You did learn a lot and will have a better prospective now and both scenarios. We have a Winnebago, and love moving most every month with 400 miles.


Like your work on the new site and newsletter….. but… the pop ups will drive me away! Please take them away, they’re annoying. Also consider returning your “read more” links to opening a new tab so the base newsletter is always available without needing to hit a back link.

Kim Christiansen

Hi Don, We’ve turned off that annoying “More” pop up on the lower right – it didn’t quite work as advertised to say the least. The pop up that asks you to join our newsletter should stay off once you close it. Are still seeing that after you close it once? And if you’re on our mailing list already, it should have set a cookie telling our site not to annoy you with newsletter pop ups after that. Please let us know either here in the comments, in the forums or by email,, if you’re still seeing newsletter or… Read more »


I like the new format and that it doesn’t open up new tabs every time I click a link. I like to be able to just hit the back button to go back to where I left off. Thank you.

Ron Lane

I agree with Brian and disagree with Dr4Film (what kind of name is that anyway). Hitting the back arrow is much more convenient than closing a tab.


Nice format to the NEW newsletter. However, please inform your IT web site manager that when there is a Hot Link, it should open up in another TAB, not in the same tab. Very inconvenient the way it has been programmed now. Thank you!

Kim Christiansen

Hi DR4Film, Opening links into a new tab is usually reserved for links that take you off of our site. We can open in a new window or in a tab. But links inside of our site have always opened into the existing tab/window as that is the industry standard. You can always right click and say “open in new tab”. I often do that when I’m perusing a site with several stories I want to read. I don’t think there is a way to convince your browser to do that, but if you’re using Chrome or Firefox, you may… Read more »


Keith, I respectfully have to disagree however you are wrong on this point. Go back to issue 869 and click on EVERY hot link under the Almost Breaking News. Every article opens up in a NEW TAB. It has nothing to do with whatever browser one is using. That feature is embedded in the coding.


Chuck – Like the new site except the ‘more stories’ keeps popping up in the bottom right hand corner. Anyway to disable this with 1 click?

Kim Christiansen

Hi Steve, we hear you loud and clear. It’s gone!

Sharon Mathie

Nice job on the Newsletter upgrade. Used on my iPad mini without problems!


The text of the newsletter this week is very faint and difficult to read, especially with my old eyes.

Ky. Hiker Tom

I like the new setup, but bolder/larger print would really help. Keep up the good work

Dave Telenko

Yes I would totally agree with Tom, as having at least blacker print would help these old tired eyes!
Thanks for this great new newsletter format!
For some reason I think the format used to be kinda like this!?

Ralph Terry

If you use Windows10, Go to “Settings” then “Ease of Access.” You can make test bigger, change the contrast, and other helpful things.

Ralph Terry

You can use the zoom feature on your browser. Windows also has settings to use a magnifier.

Lee Wenk

I have the same issue with almost every web site I visit. I use Google Chrome as my main browser, but I’m not certain what you force if any. There is an attachment that allows me to increase the contrast, change colors or a number of other things. I’m going to try this site in an Edge browser and a Firefox browser to see whether the dim text is a browser issue. Keep up the good work.

Lee Wenk

OK, I tested with Firefox and Edge. Firefox had the same ‘dim’ text as Google Chrome. Edge had the same ‘dim’ text but it displayed in a much larger font on my system. This made reading much easier without changing the contrast. YMMV

Gord B.

The font needs to be darker for sure.
The suggestions that users zoom or fiddle settings on their browsers or OS is a denial of the graphical design or typographical short coming.
Should hundreds have to make changes or compensate endlessly instead of the one person correcting the readability mistake?
Accept the feedback and facilitate for all to easily and thoroughly read this fine newsletter.


I agree concerning the greyed-out type style. It reduces the contrast for no good reason, and makes the page difficult to read. Against a glaring white background, it becomes very hard on the eyes. Truth is, this is a very simple CSS (style sheet) option that the web designer can change. C’mon, Chuck… aren’t your eyes getting old under that “grey” hair we’re all sporting?

Kim Christiansen

Hi Jeannie (and everyone else on this thread)! We’ve heard this a few times now, and we’re going to be looking into this as soon as we can. The font we’re using is supposed to be accessible – that means easy to read for everyone. But the type here in the comment replies is not black, and that can make it really hard to read. In addition, the type itself could be slightly larger. We also have to take into account different devices, mobile versus laptop versus desktop, and different monitor resolutions. And since the site was designed with this… Read more »