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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1092

April 29, 2019

Welcome to another fabulous edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related, and small-space living, tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate your readership.

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Motorhome depreciation

Thinking about buying a motorhome? The folks at Camper Trailer Report have done some math homework to show the depreciation of value on a motorhome purchase.

(Click to enlarge.)

Class A motorhome depreciation
One year old – it is around 20% depreciation
Two years old – 24% depreciation
Three years old – 26.7% depreciation
Four years old – 30.27% depreciation
Five years old – 35.98% depreciation
Six years old – 39.54% depreciation
Seven years old – 41.15% depreciation
Eight years old – 43.16% depreciation

Class C motorhome depreciation
One year old – it is around 21% depreciation
Two years old – 23% depreciation
Three years old – 26.5% depreciation
Four years old – 28.27% depreciation
Five years old – 36% depreciation
Six years old – 39.54% depreciation
Seven years old – 40% depreciation
Eight years old – 45% depreciation

Want to measure the kids’ or grandkids’ height, but don’t want to mark up the walls of the RV? This awesome hack, from the Grow Food, Not Lawns Facebook page, is a brilliant way to take these memories with you. No house or walls needed!


Can freezing temps damage your LCD TV?

If your RV is stored with your LCD TV inside during a cold winter, can you damage the TV? Here’s a response from RV Roadtrips–the Funtimes Guide.

“Safe operating temperatures for LCD televisions generally range from +40 F to well over +100 F. This means that if your LCD TV is kept in an environment below this range, you must allow it at least 24 hours to acclimate to the proper operating range before you plug it in or turn it on. Why? When something cold is brought into a warm environment, condensation (or moisture) will be present throughout the device. Plugging it in or turning it on could result in short circuits, shock, or other catastrophic failures of the unit. If the LCD screen is chilled, even though not frozen, it could fail as well. Manufacturer limitations on cold storage of their LCD TVs vary all over the map. Some are rated to handle temps as low as -15 F to -20 F, while others are barely rated to be stored. I was unable to find a single supplier of LCD televisions that would stand behind their product when stored in temperatures lower than the -20 F mark.” Always check your owner guide!

Campsite check-in

When you first check into a campground, locate your site and conduct a site survey. Identify where the campground connections are and where to locate the RV so you have easy access to all connections. If you have a slideout make sure there are no obstacles in the way. Allow plenty of room for extending the awning. Tip from Mark Polk, RV Education 101.

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The best senior discounts from A-Z

Here’s an extensive list of every place you can get a senior discount. You can get a discount at dinner, at the movies, then head back to your discounted hotel room for the night. That’s pretty nice, isn’t it?

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What do you call a kid who doesn’t believe in Santa?
A rebel without a Claus.

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Bob p
4 years ago

Save it for my old age, I’m 76 now. Lol

Bob Schilling
4 years ago

Pay off bills and invest the rest.

4 years ago

Sit down with a financial pro. After taxes, etc. take some to set up a scholarship program at a local school. As for the rest: spend some on things we enjoy, share some with family and set some aside to ensure we have choices concerning our comfort in later years.

4 years ago

I told my pain Doc today that we had just bought a 5th wheel and that when my wife retires in 18 months we Were were going to become full time RVers. He said I have some disturbing news, I can’t write a script across the state line. How does a person suffering from Chronic pain travel outside their home state for morn than 30 days? I have stopped taking pain killers before but some relief does make life more enjoyable. Any suggestions would be helpful. I could get out my soapbox and go off on Elected officials making political hay and idiots that don’t follow prescription directions and die from stupidity or go to street drugs for relief and then die but I don’t want to get started.

Bob p
4 years ago
Reply to  Cal

Stock up before you leave

Rebekah Spring
4 years ago
Reply to  Cal

We fulltimed for two yrs. Our local pharmacy was CVS before we started. We got refills at whatever CVS was close to where we camped. We did return to see Dr after end of first year so dr would send CVS refill prescription for another year.

4 years ago

Traveling in pain

4 years ago

Whatever was left after government took their big bite, I’d tithe, pay remaining debt and then travel!!

Brian & Joyce Burry
4 years ago

I’m new to the RV life and just going to be buying used diesel pusher in August I’m being educated very well from all your wonderful articles and tips. It truly is a buyer beware and be educated type of issue with one’s life Purchasing and using/enjoying an RV. I truly thank you and your readers and subscribers so much .

4 years ago

Almost all of the above at varying levels.

John Karlson
4 years ago

After state and federal taxes, you will have about 530k. Pay debt down, bank 200k in 3.2 per cent cd’s – live off rest for as long as it lasts.

4 years ago

On the money, all apply but (obviously) #5.

Three Quarterton
4 years ago

I would sit on it for a while, to see what the tax bite would be, and while looking for a Quality investment with a decent return ! Then decide what to do with the rest of it.

4 years ago

After paying off bills, tithing and moving my husband to a better memory care facility, I would take my time in deciding how to spend the rest.

4 years ago

If there is caution using a too cold LCD TV, is there concern with storing an LCD TV in too hot a temperature? We close up our park model in AZ and leave our TVs there. I’m sure it gets way over 120 degrees inside. Should we be bringing these home with us?

Vanessa Simmons
4 years ago

I have always wanted to set up scholarship funds in the names of my parents and inlaws. One for nursing in my mother’s name, aviation in dads, special education mil, pre veterinary fil. Maybe that would cut down on the taxes I’d have to pay so there would be more left. Put money aside for grands and save the rest.
4 years ago

100,000 for me and the rest to create a scholarship fund for extended family members as well as those in need.

Ed D
4 years ago


4 years ago

If I won a million I’d lose myself on a Cliffside abode overlooking the ocean somewhere in Portugal, leaving far far behind the outrageous taxes Canadians in a socialist society are plagued with! Oh, did I hear someone ask “what about the free medical care” I ask “are you kidding me” Mice fall for the trap, because they don’t understand why the cheese is free – remember that.

4 years ago

Concerning the depreciation tables. Are they based on sticker (MSRP) or actual selling price?

As for the million bucks…. first of all, after Uncle Sam got his share and the Gov got his, it would only be about half of that. Personally, I’d pay off debts first and what’s left over, I would use to enjoy the rest of my golden years.

4 years ago
Reply to  Ron

Half? Try 20% of face value. Game shows are notorious for people NOT accepting their prizes. That 50K new car pays 30K in “gambling taxes”, 8-10% sales tax, possibly capital gains or property taxes. You “win” 40K of tax debt with the 10K worth you actually got free, so you’re “buying” a car you didn’t even choose for 40K. No thanks?!

4 years ago

If I won a million dollars I would hire an investment counselor, an attorney and a good tax account. Then live off the interest. As for working? Your nuts. Travel is key. We don’t play the lottery but if I did one time and won that is what I would do.

ken mcgregor
4 years ago
Reply to  jillie

I would think that if you hired an investment counselor, an attorney and a good tax accountant, they would have most, if not all, the rest of your money after the government takes the first half.

4 years ago

My wife and I have talked about this and we would set up an educational trust.

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