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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 847

Issue 847 • February 12, 2018
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RVing Tip of the Day

By Chuck Woodbury

We’re back from hibernation, and we’re now hungry to bring you tons of great information!

Welcome to the 847th edition of our RV Daily Tips Newsletter. No, this is not issue #1. We’re just picking up publishing after putting the newsletter into hibernation for awhile. We used the time to rebuild our websites and for me to prepare for a full-time RV life after decades of RVing for a few months a year.

If you’re an avid RVer, you’re in for a treat every Monday through Thursday, year-round.

Every issue, we’ll bring you a great tip in this space from one of our many expert writers and others with special knowledge about RVing. In addition, we’ll present a whole bunch of bite-sized information and advice that will both educate and entertain you. 

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All that said, it’s on with the show — installment numero uno in the new, improved RV Daily Tips Newsletter. I hope you enjoy it, and that you will return tomorrow (and again and again and again).

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“SafetyStruts™ Prevent RV Bumper Failure”
Sales of the innovative SafetyStruts™ RV Bumper Support Brackets exploded in 2014 after the US-based start-up was profiled by The product line has grown with 5 types of SafetyStruts, 4-inch & 6-inch aluminum replacement bumpers, generator trays, hitches, etc. Watch the video or visit to learn more.


Staying safe: Sewage overflow
If your black water tank overflows, you are dealing with human waste, which carries microorganisms that can make you sick if ingested. Be careful to use a disinfectant to thoroughly clean your hands and anything else that gets contaminated by the waste.

Your oven pilot light
Unless you are using your oven a lot, leave the pilot light turned off when you are not cooking. It uses a surprising amount of propane.

Cool ice tip
Make your ice at night – the box works better. Besides, unfrozen water will splash out of the trays if you are traveling.

Incredible! RV is being built with a 3-D printer!

The best book on RV electricity, hands down!
RV Travel contributor Mike Sokol is America’s leading expert on RV electricity. Mike has taken his 40+ years of experience to write this book about RV electricity that nearly anyone can understand. Covers the basics of Voltage, Amperage, Wattage and Grounding, with additional chapters on RV Hot-Skin testing, GFCI operation, portable generator hookups and troubleshooting RV electrical systems. Learn more or order 


The most underrated tourist attraction in all 50 states
Each state has its own iconic tourist attractions, but here is a list of underrated hidden treasures that are well worth the visit.

Trailer Life Towing Guides, 1999 through 2018
Whether choosing a travel trailer or a fifth-wheel for your RVing lifestyle, the first place to start should be the vehicle you plan to use to tow. If you own a truck or SUV, you probably already know its tow rating; but if you’re buying an all-new tow rig and trailer, the tow vehicle will dictate how much trailer you’ll be able to pull safely.

Interstellar Orchard
Thirty-three-year-old Becky Schade travels full-time in a 17-foot Casita travel trailer. “Instead of following the masses and suffering through the daily 9 to 5 grind of work until retirement, I said screw the status-quo and started working on my dreams of perpetual travel, exploration, and adventure,” she writes. Her blog is excellent.

Check out the long list of great RVing-related websites from

State, Regional,
City and U.S. maps
A GPS is great, but there’s nothing like a folded map to plan a trip or guide you where you’re going once you’re underway. Just about every folded map you would ever need is here. Most sell from about $2 to $6. Check ’em out or order.


Airstream is not just about towables anymore
During the recent RV Super Show in Tampa, Florida, The Gadget Guru, Andy Pargh, spoke with Justin Humphreys, Airstream’s VP of Sales (promoted to Chief Operating Officer on Feb. 16, 2018), to discuss its fastest growing sector, Mercedes Benz Sprinter platform-based touring coaches. Humphreys addressed the challenges owners face in obtaining timely service while traveling, and the solution may surprise you. 

See all of our videos on our YouTube Channel.

2018 Large Scale Road Atlas now available
This 2018 Rand McNally Large Scale Road Atlas has maps of every U.S. state that are 35% larger than the standard atlas version plus over 350 city inset & national park maps & a comprehensive index. Road construction & conditions contact info is located above maps. Mileage chart shows distances & drive time between 77 North American cities & national parks. Tough spiral binding allows the atlas to lay open easily. Learn more.


Checking battery condition
When you check the condition of your battery using the monitor panel make sure the RV is not plugged into shore power. If so, you will get a false reading (fully charged). To get a more accurate reading of the battery’s condition, check the monitor panel when the unit is not plugged in and turn on a couple of overhead lights to place a small load on the battery. Mark Polk, RVeducation 101

A simple reminder which just may save your RV roof
Don’t bang your [RV’s] head: Make an easy-to-read note and put it on your dashboard or sun visor showing your RV height in feet and inches – and in metric too, if you travel out of the country. It could save your TV antenna, air conditioner – even your roof. Thanks to George Bliss for the tip. (Watch a video of what can happen if you don’t know your RV’s height.)
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Power tools galore!
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Gene Bjerke
3 years ago

We have a Mercedes Sprinter and we rarely have work done at the Mercedes dealer (especially since it is 50 miles away). What little work is needed (it is a Mercedes after all) gets performed at a local full-service truck shop. More convenient and costs less.

3 years ago

I was always told to look at the GVWR and that would give you a hint as to how much tow your vehicle will handle. Jeeps are a never fail. I like my small trailer since there is one of me and I don’t need much more then that. Although if I had more money to spend I might go bigger. Thanks for the tips.

Thelma Thomas
3 years ago

Today’s tip about needing to be disconnected from shore power to get an accurate reading on battery charge level was very timely. Our LP alert started beeping last night. After ventilating and research advice was to check battery level. The levels indicated full charge on the panel and we decided we may have a defective alarm.
After reading today’s tip we disconnected from shore power and the batteries needed charged. Fixed the problem.
Thank you for the newsletter. Always very informative.

Dr4Film ----- Richard
3 years ago

Glad to have the RV Tips Page back once again. It has been dearly missed!

3 years ago

Good to have the daily read back!

Laurie Nevins
3 years ago

Thank you for bringing this back. It was always my favorite. I have really missed my morning read for the past two years.

Joe Allen
3 years ago

I found the video on the Airstream Sprinter interesting in the fact that they are actually reading and listening to the consumers feedback. However, I have several friends who had Mercedes and they could only take the engine service to the Mercedes dealer, which charges an arm and a leg to service. End results, they sold or traded that RV away! On another note, I never could understand why dealers turn dollars away. If you have a problem and it is under warranty, it’s not like the dealer is not going to get paid. When you turn a customer away, you have not only lost dollars, the negative feedback will be 10 fold. Just my opinion!

Paul MacKinnon
3 years ago
Reply to  Joe Allen

I have a 2009 Mercedes Sprinter that I have inspected and serviced every year at a Dodge Jeep Pontiac dealer. They have 2 factory trained Sprinter mechanics there and are very helpful to me for recalls and yearly inspections. Took me all of 2009 to find them, nobody else knew anything about them then and it doesn’t seem like much has improved. A little costly (dealer prices) but luckily I don’t go there very often. I live in central New Hampshire.

Larry McLeod
3 years ago

Great job keep it up thanks