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The tiniest RVs are at Class B. While larger RVs provide more living room and tend to be more lavish, smaller RVs are easier to move and will not be mitigated with size constraints.


This was posted on Face Book. I hope the link works. Because this is the weirdest RV yet. It will turn heads.

James McLarty

I would like to say I read rv travel every week and have supported for 8 years great info and reading . I do enjoy your contests I may be the only Canadian to have won a contest prize was frist aid kit.your pot of gold contest says you must use a password that is in the news letter I can’t find it anywhere .keep up the great work

F. Gisler

I didn’t see the humor in the video of Stupid Things RVrs do ( driving the motor home into the muddy pond). Sadly these were adults being idiots in the presence of children. Just creating the next generation of “stupid”. Those kids will have a hard time learning the value of personal property and how to maintain it. Sad.

John Snell

One thing we learned is to ask questions. We were looking for a park in Yuma AZ last week to get some dental work done in MX. We looked through the Good Sam book and found Friendly acres mobIle home and RV village. The book said WiFi cable and other amenities. We booked a week over the phone and upon arriving they stated they had no WiFi for the park except in the office and activities room and also no cable tv. Had we known we wouldn’t have booked there. Also when booking we hadn’t told them we were Good Sam members and after quoting a price , I mentioned the GS discount. They said it was included in the price. Rather odd don’t you think. Why bother being a member if anyone off the street gets the same price. Unless….

Joe Allen

Chuck, thanks for bringing back the memories of Charles and his FMC motorhome! Loved that series and I am sure that watching his adventures and my Mom and Dad driving around the country in their full time adventures kindle a spark in my wonder lust as well! I am glad I had hero’s like Charles, Ernie Pyle and the rest of the story by Paul Harvey!


MICROWAVEABLE OMELETTE MAKER? We do the same thing with a gallon Ziploc bag in less time. Comes out exactly the same.

Sam Lunt

Steinbeck was a novelist, so you have to read about his rv’ing with suspended disbelief.
From Wikipedia…
“Steinbeck was almost never alone on his trip. Out of 75 days away from New York, he traveled with, stayed with, and slept with his beloved wife, Elaine, on 45 days. On 17 other days he stayed at motels and busy truck stops and trailer courts, or parked his camper on the property of friends. Steinbeck didn’t rough it. With Elaine he stayed at some of the country’s top hotels, motels, and resorts, not to mention two weeks at the Steinbeck family cottage in Pacific Grove, California, and a week at a Texas cattle ranch for millionaires. By himself, as he admits in Charley, he often stayed in luxurious motels.[7]”

Chuck Maurice

Well, it’s raining in Richmond, VA today….. I thought about attending the RV show in town this weekend…..My wife said, since we’ve already owned four units in the past she would not attend, and BTW leave the checkbook at home, If I go…… case close….. Now where is that book I’ve been reading…….Hum…..it’s here somewhere..


Boy, I must do everything wrong in my trailer!!! First I’ve never made coffee WITH electricity in the trailer, and I always use the *built in* electric hot water heater to save LP *IF* I have shore power/while I run genny.

Leaving a commercial coffee urn full of hot water on the counter seems dangerous and strange to me, but maybe I’m not seeing the application where you’d have/use AC but not the electric heater? Also, some of those urns pull 1500-1800W, which may overload minimal RV wiring.

Mary and David Ballard

Under stupid questions we have a doozy. While volunteer hosting at a WHALE watching center in Depoe Bay, Oregon we were asked “what time of year do the elk turn into moose?”


I wonder if the weekly survey could have been a bit more precis i.e., “Amazon” rather than “Amazon.com”. I shop Amazon.ca but had to put my response in “Other Online Store”.

Keith Botts

I love reading your posts. I just started RVing last year (retired) and someone at a gas station pointed out a problem. My 2000 Hornet 5th wheel works almost perfect. Except, when my pickup headlights are on the trailer brake lights are on 100%. The pickup connector and bed extension connector connector are pin-for-pin identical. Any ideas? I can’t find any real technical documentation for this trailer anywhere.

Steven Scheinin

Chuck, A few weeks ago I stayed at an Encore RV Resort in Florida, as in your advertisement above. Their automatic gate closed on my RV as entering, doing extensive damage. They refuse to give me their insurance information, or return my phone calls & e-mails.

Just thought you should know.


I too enjoyed Charles Kuralt’s reports from the road, and always looked forward to his next report. Unfortunately, like many other public figures, he had a secret life in addition to the public one. His mistress of 2 decades (more like a second wife – they had a family together) attended his funeral with a letter from Kuralt that bequeathed to her acreage in Montana valued at $600,000. This was in addition to the “hundreds of thousands of dollars, a cabin in Montana and a cottage in Ireland” that he had already given to her over the course of their 20 year secret affair which produced a second family. We all have our flaws, and while it does not detract from his being an erudite and entertaining reporter, I can’t quite muster the adulation to call him a hero,since clearly he was a bigamist. This is not the product of National Enquirer or loony fake news echo chambers – it’s all documented in court filings and has been reported on CBS News, Larry King Live, and several reputable newspapers around the country (the kind that actually print retractions admitting factual errors whenever they come to light.) Chuck, I’m a little surprised that either you’re unaware of this, or that you still consider him a hero despite all of it. He had a wife and 2 daughters. Ask yourself if you could have done this. Nobody can take away how good he was in public, but I believe his family deserved better. At the very least, he could have divorced his wife and remarried, but I’m sure that wouldn’t have been so convenient.


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