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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 855


Issue 855 • February 26, 2018
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RVing Tip of the Day

Dump your RV’s holding tanks uphill? Here’s a way. . .

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
The old plumber’s axiom about “Water don’t run up hill, and don’t lick your fingers” doesn’t have to be true regarding dumping your holding tanks – at least about the uphill part. We still recommend wearing protective gloves anytime you mess with sewer connections.

Dumping holding tanks from your rig to an uphill (and distant) sewer drop became a necessity for us some time back. Our RV parking pad was “on the other side” of the hill from the property septic system. The idea of lugging buckets of yuck back and forth was hardly appetizing. A macerator answers the problem. A simple pump, the macerator grinds up your holding tank contents and squirts them through a hose or pipe to where you want them to go. There have been macerators available on the market for some time, including the Clean Dump system.

The “wrinkle” with the Clean Dump system is its approach to being permanently attached to the RV. Other macerators often breach mount onto the RV dump outlet port, and that in itself can be a bit of a messy situation. So for the “cultured” among us – and those who don’t mind dropping close to $400 for the feeling of increased sanitation cleanliness – this may be the ticket.

With the Clean Dump system installed in your RV, you simply open an access door, fish out the discharge end of a 1-inch (i.d.) hose, stretch it out to the nearest sewer dump (provided that it’s within 150 feet of your rig), pull your dump valve handle, flip a switch, and within what is said to be five minutes, your tanks are emptied and you’re ready to rock and roll. Mind you, the basic system comes with a 20-foot section of hose, so to make that really long uphill reach you’ll have to add accessory hose lengths.

If your RV has a washing machine, a handy accessory allows you to leave the system hose connected to a park sewer drop, and gravity feeds wash machine waste water to save your holding tanks from filling up in a hurry.

The Clean Dump system promises less hassle to users: No more “sewer hose” legs to keep the sludge flowing downhill through the standard 3-inch hose, and less drip with a permanently installed system. Included are all the parts required for the not-so-handyman. For more info visit or

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Important to know when buying new tires
Need new tires for the rig? It may be best to stick with the same tire specification as the original equipment. If you do decide to change specs, make sure you always match up your tire and wheel capacity. For example, NEVER mount a 3,000-pound capacity tire on a 2,000-pound capacity wheel.

Don’t let your power cordset melt or start a fire!
With electricity expert, Mike Sokol
Don’t let the plug of your shore power cordset lay on the ground when not in use. Doing that can lead to corrosion in the brass contacts that will increase voltage drop and contact heating which can melt the plug or even start a fire. You can even lose the ground connection that could result in a hot-skin voltage on your RV.

Keep a hose just for dumping tanks
Dedicate a hose strictly for use in tank-dumping operations. Use it for rinsing hoses, flushing tanks, etc. But be sure to keep it completely away from your fresh water hose to prevent cross-contamination. If you can, find a suitable container to keep it safely stored.

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Learn how to read your tire’s sidewall
There’s much more to a tire’s sidewall than the tire size. In fact, there can be as many as 25 different icons and descriptions. Learn how to read them, what they mean, and how you can choose the perfect tire for you.

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Satellite TV options for RVers
Mike Griffin offers a comparison of the two main satellite TV options available to RVers. He explains what to consider when choosing a provider, types of satellite dish antennas, and the types of receivers used by DirecTv and Dish Network.

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In case of stinky holding tanks, check roof vents
Stinky holding tanks driving you bats? It’s smart to occasionally check your roof vents to make sure they aren’t blocked with debris, bird nests, etc. Many RVers find vent caps such as the 360 Siphon roof vent to help “raise the stink” out of the tanks are really helpful.

Don’t use stabilizer jacks for leveling
Don’t try to use trailer stabilizer jacks to bring your rig up into level – most are designed simply to give more stability to the rig once leveled. Using these to try and level a rig can cause damage.
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Batteries last a long time!
Motion detection nightlights can last a year on a set of batteries
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Dave Boland
4 years ago

I love this new daily tips newsletter!! Thank you so much for starting it back up. Dave

4 years ago

I’m a bit confused on the tire article. When looking at the attachment that defines the 13 different bits of information on the side walls, items 4 & 10 don’t seem to agree. Item 4 states that there are 4 steel plys in the tread & 1 steel ply in the side wall. Item 10 states that “LRF” means there is a 12 ply rating with a load range of “F”. Item 4’s numbers imply there are 5 plys to the construction of this tire. Where are the 12 plys indicated by the “LRF” stamp?

Kenneth Merry
4 years ago

Couldn’t agree more George, I use mine at only one campsite each summer, I bought it to use at this site, it is 105ft to the only dump pump works great for this. I fill half my black tank with fresh water to mix it all up good then will dump at next camp with full hookups.

4 years ago

Regarding geocaching, we would highly recommend it. Not only does one get the fun of finding caches (secondary on my list), one gets to find new and often scenic/interesting places. The caches are often hidden in great places that we would never have known about as visitors to many different locales. It is a perfect companion to RVing. We have found family cemeteries and isolated soldier’s graves in the desert, museum of the first patented helicopter, beautiful hiking trails and tons more novel and scenic spots.

Gary Lindahl
4 years ago
Reply to  Grumpy

If you geocach, you can’t be Grumpy. I agree with you. Geocaching opens many doors and opportunities. And it is fun to hide one you make yourself. We’ve had several chances to show this to fellow campers. It makes a wonderful day to spend a day finding caches located nearby.

4 years ago

I use a macerator when no other dumping option is available. I don’t get the out flow “gush” that the large hose allows thus I don’t think my black tank gets as clean even when rinsing several times. A macerator is certainly nice to have when a regular dump station is not close by.

4 years ago
Reply to  George

Yep, us too. We use the pump a lot at state parks and other sites with no sewer hookup. We pump into the portable tank on a rack on the back of our jeep and drive it over to the dump station. With moderate conservation of water we can make it 5 days on gray and 10+ on black, so only two pumping sessions in usual 14 day park stays. Sure beats driving the MH over to the dump station.
We carry 50 feet of black 1″ hose to reach the front or rear of our coach. And, the white flusher hoses have black electrical tape wrapped around just inside the brass fittings to color code them them as sewer only hoses.
Agree on the black tank not getting clean. We flush it thoroughly at our next sewer hookup.