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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 915

Issue 915 • June 11, 2018
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RV livability test?
Shopping for a new RV? Don’t forget the “livability factor.” It’s best to do a walk-through of an RV without the salesman present. That way, you should feel free to sit on the pot to check leg clearance, lay on the bed to determine comfort, walk in the shower to confirm you’ve got room for your elbows and shoulders. Have one person stand in the kitchen in front of the sink or the stove – can the partner get by without imitating a fertility dance? Open the fridge—you’d be surprised how many times the door swings the wrong way! Can’t shake the salesman? Do all the aforementioned tests and whatever else you can with your clothes on.

Foreign objects
“Keep the toilet lid closed to prevent foreign objects from falling into the toilet. It is a major job to retrieve anything from the holding tank.” —From Motorhomes Made Easy

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BLM photo

Driving in dust or smoke? Here’s help
If you must drive in dusty conditions (gravel road, dust storm, etc.), fire up your generator and run ALL of your roof air conditioners while driving over any dusty roads. Doing this will help keep dust from creeping in through any tiny holes. Also, if you find yourself driving through smoky conditions as a result of, for example, wildfires, running your air conditioners will help reduce the smoke and odor inside the RV. Don’t forget to check the filters on the air conditioners later. Thanks to Ron Jones, AboutRVing.com

Short-term workaround for conked-out RV reefer
If your RV refrigerator should ever fail when you are far from a repair shop, buy some bagged ice and put it inside. That will help keep your food cool until you can get help. You won’t have as much time with the frozen food, so maybe it’s time to pig out.

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BBQ Secrets
You want to invite guests over for a BBQ dinner, but don’t feel confident as “grill master” quite yet? This article from Thrillist will let you in on all the BBQ secrets you’ll need to know to impress your guests or your family. 

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Put him in the back seat.

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4 years ago

Driving in dust or smoke?
This idea is completely bogus as AC units are recirculating devices so they will not have any effect on keeping the dust out.

4 years ago
Reply to  Dennis

You missed the point. The roof ac doesn’t bring outside air in like the dash ac could or opened windows.

4 years ago
Reply to  Dennis

I thought the same thing when I read that tip, you’re absolutely right, the one thing you must do is put your dash air to max or recirculate to keep that unit from drawing in the outside air.

Bruce Besmen
4 years ago

We use both a DSLR and our phones. The DSLR takes more high quality and distance shots and the phone is easier to carry when a larger camera is too bulky to use.

Mike Haider
4 years ago

Dropping something in the toilet. My coach has a macerater toilet. The towel rack is located right over the stool. One day I was drying my hands and my wedding band came off and fell into the stool. Big problem with a macerater stool. Can’t flush without destroying the unit. I got an endoscope and was able to retrieve it.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago
Reply to  Mike Haider

Mike, that sounds like a nightmare to me – ha.