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Bob Godfrey
2 years ago

I wonder if we could all get over the fact that not all people are “minimalists” and not all of us choose to travel and live in a tent and carry all of our belongings in backpacks. Some of us like to live in comfort while traveling about this big beautiful country whether it be in a motorhome or travel trailer and like to sleep in our own beds each night. Could we dispense with the negativity about large RVs? Many folks simply sell their homes and live on the road but then we have to listen to the whiners complaining that their rigs are too big etc, etc. America is a free country. If you have worked hard and succeeded and now choose to live on the road whatever you choose to do that in is your business and I applaud you for your success. As one who slept on the ground for a year in Vietnam in nothing more than a poncho liner, I can tell you that I have no intentions of returning to that lifestyle. So, to all you who complain about my RV — get a grip!

2 years ago

“Thanks to the Interstate Highway System it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything.”
I understand this is a “fashionable” quote, but I don’t think it reflects reality at all. Yes, there are a number of miles-especially in the East and Midwest- with boring Interstate highways, but out West drive I- 70 through Colorado, or 80 through Wyoming and Utah or 90 through Montana and Washington State, and experience beautiful scenery. I travel many blue highways, but CK was just plain wrong in maligning the interstate highway in that quote.

2 years ago

Did you also know that Eisenhower also said that after every “x” number of miles (forgot how many), there had to be a straight section long enough to land a military plane in an emergency?

Eric Meslin
2 years ago

It’s like reliving my youth. I prefer secondary roads passing through every small town with my RV. Just like our cross country trip in 1962, before interstates.

2 years ago

Didn’t know where to place this. We purchased a 2005 Montana 5th wheel 38 ft. with three slides new at a price of $42,000. We have logged over 100,000 miles. We have never experienced any issues beyond the small items at delivery. I would purchase a replacement but the stories I know of first hand will keep me from doing so. A visit to the factory a few years ago showed me how quickly [for the sake of a better term] new units are assembled. Wall street listed companies are under great pressure to continually show profit growth. Quickening production and reducing cost are but two ways to do this. There is probably quality out there but where to look?