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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 919

Issue 919 • June 18, 2018
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What to do with a noisy dryer exhaust flap  
If you have a washer/dryer on your rig, as do John and Darla Pereria, you may have an annoying problem along with it: A wind-blown dryer exhaust flap that makes constant noise. Say the Pererias, “Naturally this happens most often when you are trying to get to sleep. The sound is just annoying. To solve the problem, we found a large washer in my bag of bolts, and glued the washer to the outside of the flap. It is just enough weight to stop the wind from causing the noise, yet does not interfere with the operation of the dryer.”

Cool down that refrigerator
Hot summer days can really raise the load on your RV refrigerator. Several things can help keep the chill on your cooler. First, reduce the number of times you open and close the box. If possible, park your rig so the back side of the refrigerator is shaded. An inexpensive, 12-volt (as appropriate to your RV electrical system) “muffin fan” mounted under the condenser coils on the outside of the refrigerator will help to blast off heat from the coils, increasing the cooling ability. Find voltage for the fan from refrigerator wiring using your electronic multimeter. 

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Windshield and front end “bug off”!
“Regarding bugs on front ends and windshields: I use a few sheets of ‘Bounce,’ the anti-static/softening sheets used in the clothes dryer. Soaked in water, the sheets can be used by themselves or before using a bug sponge. The liquid from the sheets virtually melts off bugs and makes the job far easier and quicker than using Windex or one of the expensive so-called bug-remover sprays. Paint surfaces are not affected in a negative way.” Another clean sweep from Neil Schmidt.

What do to with bad battery isolator solenoids?
Don Miller read a tip on how bad battery isolation solenoids can chew up your RV batteries. However, he noted no solution to the problem listed in the story. Writer Greg Illes responds, “The short solution? Replace the relay. At about $50 or less, if you can do it yourself, you’re ahead of the game. But before you replace, check all connections to ensure they’re tight and not the real cause of your problem.” Thank you for asking, Don!  And here’s one for less than $15 from Amazon. 

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Long Long Honeymoon YouTube
We’re big fans of Sean and Kristy, who put on this great YouTube show all about RVing. Enjoy!

AARP Daily Crossword
It’s always a good day for a new crossword, right? Keep that brain polished! Play all of AARP’s crossword puzzles, including their puzzle of the day. 

Volunteer jobs with the U.S. Forest Service
Become a part of an army of more than 2.8 million volunteers who, since 1972, have provided more than 123 million hours of service that is valued at about $1.4 billion in services to maintain and improve our forests.

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Marilyn R.
4 years ago

Same problem as many others – tried a dozen times to make a contribution, no joy.

Ginny P
4 years ago

Same for me. Tried to make a one time contribution using the link. Could not connect either.

4 years ago

I tried to make a one time contribution but the link is working properly. I tried going to and and I got a screen asking me to bid on the domain name.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rory

That is supposed to be “NOT WORKING PROPERLY” sorry about that….fat fingers keep getting in the way

Michael McCracken
4 years ago

Although, I believe that volunteering to help our U. S. Forest Service is commendable, I can’t help but feel angry with our government. With the millions of dollars that are wasted on frivolous endeavors why can’t they locate enough funds to adequately finance our Forest Service? As long as according to your article “123 million hours of volunteer services have been preformed since 1972”, this to me, gives the government an excuse not to step up. The U.S. Forest Service is understaffed and overworked. Millions of people visit our National Forest yearly. There is insufficient services and most definitely insufficient camping spaces to accommodate these visitors.

Larry Lang
4 years ago

I tried to make a one-time contribution using the link provided. I cannot connect to “”. My internet connection is working and a proxy server is not required on my Lan. Any suggestions? The link to PayPal for monthly contributions takes me to PayPal so that link works.

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