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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 945

Issue 945 • August 1, 2018

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Redirecting a/c drip
Use your roof-mounted air conditioner in humid weather and you’ll soon have a stream of water coming off the roof from the a/c unit. If it’s leaking down where you don’t want it to, redirect it! Pop the shroud (outer cover) from your a/c unit and you’ll spot the drip pan that catches the moisture. In the drip pan is hole that allows the pan to drain and usually the hole has a lip on it, like a glass measuring cup. Stick an appropriately sized funnel under the spout, hook a piece of tubing to the funnel output, and reroute the liquid to elsewhere – perhaps a roof edge gutter. If your roof is flat, an alternative to the tubing is aluminum “U” channel, carefully adhered to the roof with a sealant appropriate to your roof material.

Big batteries for your RV?
“Large capacity 12 volt batteries, 4Ds and 8Ds, are designed for starting trucks, tractors, and generators in emergency power situations. Some are designed for deep cycling applications, but many are just starting batteries, so ask before your purchase to ensure that the batteries are deep cycle. The deep cycle batteries feature the same construction details found in golf cart batteries including multi-rib separators that increase battery life dramatically. The case is large, rugged, heavy and bulky. If maintained properly, these batteries give good service for years.” From “Managing 12 Volts. How to upgrade, operate, and troubleshoot 12 volt electrical systems.” Available on Amazon.

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Totally, 100% compostable K-cup pods
If you love your Keurig coffee maker but are concerned about tossing away so much plastic, here’s a solution, the one used by editor Chuck Woodbury: Faro Roasters Blend 100% Compostable Rainforest Alliance single serve pods. After you make your coffee, toss the pod in your compost bin and it will quickly decompose back into the soil. Learn more or order.

Answer to today’s email alert brain teaser: Darkness

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Don’t get hit with a leaky holding tank valve surprise
Ever pull the cap off your holding tank drain and get an unwelcome shower? Tom Prevost has a suggestion: “How to make sure that both valves are closed before removing the sewer connection cap? I put a Camco clear 45 degree connection on my dump outlet and put my cap on that. That way I can see if a valve is leaking or possibly open before I get ready to connect my hose.” Thanks for keeping us dry, Tom!

Shopping for a wind turbine? Rotor size makes a difference
“To produce usable power, smaller wind turbines spin at a much faster rate than larger ones. The faster the spin rate, the greater the potential for noise. To add to the issue, when a turbine comes close to its maximum power output, that noise may become intense. Will that noise be more than you can tolerate? That’s a personal question. The best way to check this out is to visit wind turbine owners when their machines are operating. Listen closely, particularly when the winds are high, and see for yourself if the noise is acceptable or not.” From “RV Boondocking Basics. A guide to living without hookups.” Available on Amazon.

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Safe Travel USA
This handy website from Iteris, Inc. puts together DOT and other state travel information to help you see road, traffic and weather conditions ahead. A good one to consult before long drives. 

RV Destinations for fall colors
Hard to believe we can already be talking about fall, right? But it’s almost August and, as we know, parks are booking up very fast. Here from are some of the most beautiful destinations to see those magnificent colors. 

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Electrical roadblocks? Not anymore!
Connect your electronics no matter where you park with an easy-to-use adapter. These adapters, built for secure outdoor use, are weather resistant and work best with a similar extension cord. They are also designed with pull-out handles for easy removal when charging is complete. Available in 15-to-30 Amp and 30-to-15 Amp. Shop all adapters here.

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Police officer: “Sir, I don’t understand. You lost the credit card a year ago; why are you reporting it now?”
Guy: “The thief wasn’t spending nearly as much as my wife used to so it wasn’t so bad…”
Police officer: “But why report it now?”
Guy: “I think the thief’s wife got ahold of it.”

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4 years ago

Being a senior with health issues, it’s hard to have restaurant food if your dealing with high blood pressure of diabetes. Also as a cancer survivor there are many spices that are just too much for my digestive system. i don’t understand with the aging population, restaurants don’t cater to these issues and have different foods available for seniors.

Jennifer Lauter
4 years ago

For the brain teaser: dirt on your windshield or dirt on your glasses.

4 years ago

Anyone with food allergies will be a picky eater. In my case shell fish. I’m always having to ask at buffets/happy hours what’s in it and usually the servers don’t know. It would be great if at every potluck they included a list of ingredients! Would take just a few minutes and might save a life.

4 years ago

I was thinking booze!

Bill Bateman
4 years ago

Re: ‘Picky with food’ … the definition of adventurous is very subjective … I eat and enjoy ‘Chirps’ chips occasionally just as an example of what I think is adventurous.

RV Staff
4 years ago
Reply to  Bill Bateman

Ewww! “One cricket per chip.” Thanks but no thanks, Bill. But I’ll bet they’re crispy and crunchy! 😯 —Diane at

H. Anne
4 years ago

I have Celiac Disease so must be very picky about what I eat. Always reading the labels of ingredients and really like when they say gluten free. Restaurants are pretty much a no-no for me as they can’t guarantee the food will be gluten free and I have severe reactions within 20 minutes of ingesting gluten. My husband says it is cheaper to eat in anyway but I would truly enjoy a nice meal out.

George Barr
4 years ago

On wind vanes…when choosing…also check the output amp/wattage curves. Many ads focus on output in 20mph or greater winds… you want something that performs in more normal 10mph winds as well. Large wheels often have better output at this level of wind than small ones.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

I have owned the book you mentioned in your battery paragraph for YEARS. I call it the 12 volt bible. Everything I know about 12 volts I learned from that book. It’s well written and easy to understand.

I’ve owned an Air 30 wind generator for over 20 years – and have never figured out how to bring it with us and mount when boondocking. Sad situation – ha. Wifey says “get rid of it”. I say “no way. Someday I’ll figure it out”. 🙂

Don Peterson
4 years ago

another way to not get surprised by valves that leak by is to put an additional valve at the end of the sewer connection. This will stop the leaks from the more remote valves. Then when you go to dump, hook up your 45 clear elbow and the sewer line before opening that valve. Any leakage will be directed to the sewer instead of the ground or you.

4 years ago

For today’s brain teaser, Wouldn’t Glaucoma work too ????

4 years ago
Reply to  Dave

I was thinking fog

4 years ago

I answered the survey according to what I like. However, my husband is very picky. It is difficult to get him to try something new. But, once in awhile he will brave it.

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