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This is driving me crazy. I’ve got to know the results of the “What is it contest”?
I’ve looked over this issue twice.
I’m thinking it has to be a sewing device for fishnets or harness.

Nelson Needham

I was reading Woodall’s Campground Management (Vol.49 No.7 July 2018) and found a couple of interesting notes. On page 2, Editor’s Notes, Ben Quiggle indicates that there are plenty of campsites available. He addresses the issue of record breaking RV sales and questions if there are enough campsites. He states, “…We’ve posted dozens of stories on new park projects of every shape and size on http://www.woodallscm.com .” He continues to say, “Today’s campers are looking for something extra, exotic and exciting.”

On page 14, Guest view, by Mark Koep, probing the Myth of Insufficent Campground Capacity, he states, “we are nowhere near 100% capacity at campgrounds or RV parks.” He coninues to indicate that the problem is how RVers look for parks on line. He recommends some strategies at finding campsites.

I find the there is a disconnect from this publication’s viewpoint and the public wants. Maybe I am in the minority, and the people I am in contact are also, but I don’t believe most RVers want built in amazement parks with their campsites, along with the premium price tag. We would rather have more campsites . More campsites with reasonable rates, a quite atmosphere, and nature, are what there is a shortage. Let the theme parks worry about thrills.

As you have stated, RV industry should pay attention to us.


I stopped at 50000 Silver $ Casino last month when traveling between Portland and Great Falls Mt. I had passed by in the car many many times but this was the first in an RV.

Since it is only for overnight do you need to plug in, get satellite, WIFI, etc? Can’t you go one night without it? Demanding, or even expecting, all of those things is what makes those that offer a free NIGHT stop over stop offering it.

I got in around 3:30. I ate at the restaurant, very good food, bought a few gifts in the store, filled the tanks in the morning and had a very quiet and peaceful nights rest. I didn’t even realize there was electric until the next day when I was walking the dog.

Robert Frank

Please unsubscribe me. We are no longer RV’ing. Also please stop taking money from my credit card for a subscription. I was just notified you had done so. I have not read the newsletter since last summer.


Not really digging the new format for the breaking news. I know it is probably about getting clicks but reading on one page certainly was much better than going back and forth several times.


Here is my comments from IRV2 Northwoods forum about considering buying an Arctic Fox trailer.

I can’t belive what I am reading…justifying it’s ok to have poor workmanship. Wow. If you bought a new car and the mirror fell off or a screw in the door panel is stripped and and the door panel fell off you folks would be livid calling it a POS.
Or the radio knobs where missed labeled…or the window down button was actually the up button…but hey if it’s trailer it’s ok I can fix it.

So why do you accept poor quality for any trailer especially for the the price you pay with your hard earned money…or get a loan for 10 or 20 years and the trailer lasts 5 years.

Would you buy a new boat,motorcycle and say oh I am handy I can fix it if anything goes wrong.

We as customer just enable and accept this poor quality…there will be no change unless customers says not good enough.

Why would you pay full price for a new product when isn’t perfect or 99%.

Say no to poor quality,..it’s your money.

We as RV owners are so dumb to accept this crap!! Yup… I accept I am to blame as well.

By the way…a trailer is a trailer is a trailer…and as someone said to me…we own the best trailer in a crappy neighbourhood


Bob Godfrey


Many thanks for getting the Hepo ad to stop its very annoying vibration.


An interesting look at RV tech salary. Maybe you get better people in the better paying states. https://www.owlguru.com/career/recreational-vehicle-service-technicians/salary/

Marilyn R.

Colour me cynical but who else doesn’t expect the RV dealer to pass on cost for repairs for having a certified technicians to us the consumer? They want to still make their $100+ overhead an hour!!


Regarding RV techs…you get what you pay for is the old adage.Manufacturers,and dealers like Camping World,don’t want to pay decent wages to attract,and hold,good people…the end result is a PO’d consumer. Personally I will never buy another new RV as I have been burned by Grand Design and Blue Dog RV in Pasco,Washington too much. One is better off finding an older Hitchhiker,or similar, and maintaining it yourself than trying to deal with much of the modern “junk” being slapped out the gate nowadays. One day the actions of manufacturers and dealers will bite them in the derriere.


Thankfully we have good mobile techs around here. The one we use services us quickly, is reasonably priced and stands behind his work. He is a lot cheaper than if we had to go into a dealer or even RV repair facility. He is a big factor for staying in this area.

Curtis King

I have sent in $150 a couple of years ago and just recently $60 for an annual contribution, but don’t seem to get on your contributor email lists…….and I have clicked on Mike’s electrical newsletter a couple of times but have never received it……could you check your records for me? My email is: trust.king@hotmail.com
Curtis King

Glen Sustrik

I am interested in the checking power pedestals. But I don’t understand how to use a non contact electric meter. Please ask Mike to explain. Thanks

John Hiler

Your technicians article. The exploitation of working folks as you have so clearly depicted is , of course the problem. Recent tax law and labor laws leave un organized labor at the mercy business and especially a millionaire Congress, who’s president is a well known laboring man enemy…


Not only are there not enough trained technicians, some replacement parts aren’t right. We had Camping World replace our wiper blades while having other work done. BOTH blades came off during use. We went to another Camping World to get the “right” blades and what they brought out as the recommended “right” blades were the same ones we already had that wouldn’t stay on the wiper arms.

SFC Dennis R Strope, USA, RET

WOW, jam-packed issue with many, many great articles. Just finished reading ‘Editors Corner’ with accompanying article on horror stories of RV buyers/owners, dated 17 Oct 2017. Again, WOW! Wonder if anything at all has changed for the better, I doubt it and will think twice before I attempt to trade 2011 crossroads rushmore(built prior to ‘Thor’) it’s paid for and many of the initial problems I experienced (all covered by warranty, and promptly repaired) are filed under live and learn. Was seriously considering New Horizons, maybe used…..
Thank you for being a “light in the wilderness”

William Edward Kendall

Thanks for recommending Home Country, Ernie Pyle…..
got it ….read it…..what a great book. He was some guy!!