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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 955

Issue 955 • August 20, 2018

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Shopping for a motorhome? Advantages and disadvantages of buying used
Advantages of buying used: When buying used, you can expect to pay a substantially lower price for the same make and model of a new motorhome. Often, you’ll find three-year-old motorhomes will be priced 50% to 70% less than a new one of the same make and model. When buying used, you have far more choices in make, model, year and price range, especially if you use the internet to search. When buying used, you can often find the exact motorhome model with the specific features you want (e.g., rear queen size bed, with kitchen slide, on Ford E-450 chassis and Ford V10 motor). When buying used, you’ll often find motorhomes with expensive after-market upgrades you won’t have to pay for (like steering stabilizers and suspension upgrades).

Disadvantages of buying used: When buying used, there may be expensive hidden problems with the motorhome that won’t be covered by any warranty. When buying used, you have to rely on the word of the seller about the history and general condition of the motorhome. It is an unfortunate fact that many sellers will be less than truthful about the condition and history of the item they are selling. When buying used, you may find motorhomes that have odors from smoking, cooking, pets and general use. These problems usually won’t be disclosed in the seller’s ads. When buying used, the interior and exterior of the coach are likely to show signs of wear and tear. When buying used, there may be a need to immediately replace tires and batteries – very common in motorhomes four years old and older. When buying used from an individual, there won’t be any financing from the seller. If financing is needed, you’ll have to arrange that yourself before you buy. From “Buying a Used Motorhome – How to get the most for your money and not get burned.” Available here. 

Avoiding the black water “surprise”
Jim Schrankel provides this tip: “Ever pull the black water handle and experience a mess from a loose fitting or hose popping out of the dump site hole? Try this: Instead of pulling the black water handle first, pull the gray water handle just long enough to make sure everything works like it should. Then quickly close it, and continue your dumping chores knowing there will be no nasty surprises!” Thanks, Jim!

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Answer to today’s brain teaser: Time

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Water bladder great for boondockers
If you want to “keep your rig put” in one spot, away from utilities, and haven’t figured out how to get fresh water to it, consider a water bladder. These huge, pillow-like plastic devices rest on your truck bed (or even your car top). Fill up with fresh water then motor on out to your RV where gravity (or a 12-volt water pump) transfer their contents to your RV tank. Beware, a full bladder can “pop” a dent in your roof.

Have the right-sized tools
“Make sure that you have a lug-wrench and jack that will work with YOUR trailer. The jack must fit under the axle when the tire is deflated.” From “Trailers and Fifth Wheels Made Easy.” Available on

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rvgrandma (@guest_31244)
5 years ago

Question to locking – rarely ever, even when going somewhere unless we are going to be gone overnight. We have animals that are more important than anything in my RV. Plus, I would say at least half in our park don’t lock their RVs. Thankfully, we live in a park that has little to no problems. In the 5 years we have been here I only know of two cases of someone having a problem and turned out to be someone here for the weekend (yes 5 because my husband can no longer travel and can’t afford an apartment).

Marmot (@guest_30965)
5 years ago

The advice to make sure your jack fits under your AXLE is wrong for many if not all travel trailers. Most trailers require that they be jacked up by the frame only, never the axle.

J. Cherry (@guest_30952)
5 years ago

My husband wanted to buy a brand new motorhome and I absolutely refused! I bought the Motorhome Comparison guide and went thru that with a fine-tooth comb, a highlighter, and a pencil. Narrowed down our choices to two. Newmar and Tiffin. This was 3 years ago (2015). We got lucky and bought a used 2011 Tiffin Allegro Bus. The owners had only used it 3 times and it had 7K miles on it. The good ones are out there you just have to be patient and ready to buy when you find it. Always get the service/repair history. Yes, we had to buy new tires – they aged out. The previous owners bought new batteries. After talking to Tiffin owners of 2016-2018 models and all the problems they have coming off the manufacturing line, I am so thankful for our decision to buy used. This unit may not be exactly what I wanted, but I love it!

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_30919)
5 years ago

I’m all for buying used, well used. I bought a 37 year old motorhome that was well kept up by its original owner. Of course I looked it over and the problems it had were within my scope of taking care of. Because of its age, nobody even called about the ad. I paid $400 for it, invested another $400 and a few weeks of my time. All the major repairs (tires, brakes, radiator) had already been recently done. It might not be the prettiest or fanciest thing out there but everything works and we have enjoyed the RVing experience immensely.

Caroline (@guest_30906)
5 years ago

Purchased our TT at Campers World. Interesting, in order to meet the warranty with Good Sam Service agreement, we were told we must seal the roof once a year. Either by a service or proof of purchase of the sealer. Interesting because the roofing installer, Alpha Systems LLC Cleaning and Maintaining instructions states “Superflex does not require the periodic application of products to protect from ultra-violet or ozone. In fact these products can often cause damage to the Superflex roof membrane.” For cracks or damage you are instructed to contact Alpha Systems directly. Has anyone been told the same thing?

Jim Anderson (@guest_30914)
5 years ago
Reply to  Caroline

It sounds to me like Camping World is just looking at a way to make more money doing something that is USELESS.
Why not contact the Manufacture of your RV and see what they say…

Lorraine Brenner (@guest_30901)
5 years ago

Time flies.
Time crawls.
But you can’t turn back “the hands of time”.

Doug (@guest_30896)
5 years ago

My guess would be a “time clock”!

JBC (@guest_30880)
5 years ago

Other survey question Whenever you leave your RV do you turn off the city water (at spigot)? Whenever you leave your RV do you make sure the toilet is not running?

Andy (@guest_30879)
5 years ago

Time flies like an arrow;
Fruit flies like a banana!

RV Staff
5 years ago
Reply to  Andy

😀 —Diane at

Michael (@guest_30877)
5 years ago

Another advantage to buying used is that you avoid the many problems caused by poor construction and quality control in today’s new units. I finally got most of the problems with my 2017 Navion fixed after a Lot of hassle.

Scooter (@guest_30875)
5 years ago

Avoiding the black water “surprise”
Sound advice. We are lucky to have that option. In my college years I used to empty aircraft black tanks. Hose coupler failure was around 10% and worse yet, when the valve was opened, there was no closing until the tank was empty. I learned to push the button and walk away. There was no reason to stand anywhere near it and potentially get a bath.

Gary Lindahl (@guest_30873)
5 years ago

“Avoiding black water surprise!!!” is a great tip. Testing your sewer supply hose and connections with gray water FIRST does reduce the mess of accidental spillage. Thanks, Jim, for this idea as I have experienced such a surprise before. ?

Tommy Molnar (@guest_30868)
5 years ago

After an early discovery that my four-way lug wrench (that I sized for my one-ton pickup) did NOT fit the lugs on my trailer, I now carry TWO lug wrenches. One for each ‘vehicle’. That was over 20 years ago too. Luckily, when I made this discovery, we were traveling with another couple and THEIR lug wrench fit our trailer.

Jake (@guest_30886)
5 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Just a tip: We have a dual axle[4 wheels] TT and never carry a jack as we have had flats but very simply : First loosen the lugs on the flat and then put the flat plastic blocks and stair stack up against the NON-flat tire and simply pull ahead or back up on the blocks and that raises the flat wheel and the lugs are ready to remove & re-tighten then pull off the blocks and finishing the tightening of the lugs..I did this on I-295 around Richmond and the policeman was amazed that NO jack was necessary by just following the process above..It saves considerable stress on the suspension especially if Torque Ride axles..

Wolfe (@guest_30936)
5 years ago
Reply to  Jake

I may have to try this before needing it…If talking dual tires on one axle on the truck, then this would work well, but I believe if I lift one tire of the linear trailer pair, the toggle equalizes load to KEEP the remaining tire on the ground (as designed to do for uneven ground?). Did I misunderstand?

Mary (@guest_30854)
5 years ago

You got today’s brain teaser wrong. The answer is a clock, not time. Time doesn’t have hands but a clock does.

Bob (@guest_30857)
5 years ago
Reply to  Mary

Clocks have hands, but cannot fly or crawl.
Time fly’s and crawls but has no hands.
Neither answer is correct.

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